Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Juju Aquamoist or Hada Labo?

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I was sorta got carried away with my skin condition. When I went over for my facial session I was told that I have a dehydrated skin which could lead to a sensitive skin. Argghhhhhh.. The beautician always remind me to apply mask to my face twice a week which I am soooooo lazy to do. So, approaching new year 2011 and knowing that I'm getting one year older snap me up to take a VERY GOOD CARE of my skin. I am definitely do not want to get any wrinkle soon before the time it suppose to exist on my skin.

Well I guess everyone has heard about Japanese Skincare - Hada Labo & Juju Aquamoist. These 2 products contain Hyaluronic Acid which is good for hydration purpose. I definitely need to get one of these since they receive so many good reviews. I found some reviews here which might help you (*you can still google for there are quite a number of reviews). Oh yeah btw.. I was only looking for the essence at the moment.

Hada Labo

I love it when you do not have to use cotton pad to apply the lotion. Save cost *a bit.
Juju Aquamoist skincare range is a bit pricey. Well, most likely double from Hada Labo. So, I went over to Guardian & Watsons (I always compare price) in mind to buy Hada Labo essence and it turns out it has two type of range - Hydration & Whitening. *palm to the head. Didn't google enough I suppose. Know what? I went back home empty handed.

Watsons (10% discount for Juju Aquamoist range) - Pure 100H Essence : RM89.01
Guardian @ Midvalley : No Juju

Watsons (Hada Labo) : No discount for Hada Labo SHA Essence : Rm59
Guardian @ Midvalley : 10% discount : Rm53.10

Juju Aquamoist or Hada Labo?


Anonymous said...

i am using Juju series, my beautician say my skin is very hydrate. less problem.

MY said...

I'm sure juju is very good since there are many good reviews around. I'll buy that one after my Hada labo finish.

Thank you.

mscottoncandy said...

Hey, my suggestion is to use Hada Labo. I've been using their products for some time and it's worked really well for me thus far.

MY said...

Really? Read your review btw..
Thanks for the suggestion. I was thinking to change to Hada Labo as well since Juju is quite pricey. Huhu. Bought the Essence Hada Labo odi. Work well so far.


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