Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Facial Session @ Zenth Spa

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Tatkala bila poket makin menipis, tapi tetap nak jugak jaga penampilan, nak jugak pegi facial, nak juga pegi buang sel-sel kulit mati di badan terus lah menjenguk Have you heard about it? There are other website too which offers things like, but the promotions would be different. In a good way I suppose since there will be lots of variety opportunities to us. I'll review another session that I purchase later. Here goes my 1st ever voucher purchase at Everyday. I bought a voucher of Intensive Face Therapy or Bust Therapy or Slimming Therapy (2 hours) @ Zenth Spa for only RM28!!!!!!! Yup.. Only RM28. No hidden charge.

So, last week, after reschedule for quite a few times (sampai dah segan nak call) I manage to redeem the voucher at Zenth Spa Midvalley. Zenth Spa Midvalley was located at the office buliding between Midvalley & The Gardens. Use the lift to go level 1, there I was. I opted for a facial for this session. The facial was called Crystal Collagen Facial. Ms. Cassey briefed to me an eye treatment was in too! Cool for my dark circle.

I was led to a room then need to change and wear a robe (macam berkemban). Normal stuff. My facial session was started with a light shoulder/head massage. It smells like ginger. Tekan-tekan je. Maybe it was to ease the tense? My therapist gave me a shoulder message in the middle of the facial session.

What I like most is, the extracting of black & whitehead were done manually. I mean with hand and tools. I kinda not prefer the vacuum thingy to extract those black & whitehead. Personal choice. She told me that my skin is dehydrated but internally is oily and that's why blackheads keep coming out. Need to get more mask done afterwards like 2 or 3 times a week. Noted! 2 pieces of collagen masks were placed on face and neck.

My conclusion : I love the facial / face therapy. So effective till my dark circle was a bit brighter. Meaning not so noticeable. Still there, but less concealer is going to be used. What I don't like is, (*this is normal I suppose) they were suggesting that I took their package. Don't get me wrong. I love their treatment but I like to go around. Just if I had extra kach$$$ing.. The face therapy would cost me RM300 if not for Everyday. >.< .. More reason to like Thanks to Zenth Spa too!

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