Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010. Welcome 2011

Salam and greeting bloggers,

Merely few hours approaching New Year 2011, I barely recall what have I achieved in 2010. Gosh. Not much I suppose. What was planned didn't really work out well. Well, some of it didn't go according to my plan at all. Heart was broken yet still have to walk on through the journey. As old folks says "let's bygone be bygone".

So, GOODBYE 2010.

WELCOME 2011!!

Last but not least..

Vanilla Ice Cream & Chocolate Syrup~~ .. at Sushi King.



Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Juju Aquamoist or Hada Labo?

Salam and greeting bloggers..

I was sorta got carried away with my skin condition. When I went over for my facial session I was told that I have a dehydrated skin which could lead to a sensitive skin. Argghhhhhh.. The beautician always remind me to apply mask to my face twice a week which I am soooooo lazy to do. So, approaching new year 2011 and knowing that I'm getting one year older snap me up to take a VERY GOOD CARE of my skin. I am definitely do not want to get any wrinkle soon before the time it suppose to exist on my skin.

Well I guess everyone has heard about Japanese Skincare - Hada Labo & Juju Aquamoist. These 2 products contain Hyaluronic Acid which is good for hydration purpose. I definitely need to get one of these since they receive so many good reviews. I found some reviews here which might help you (*you can still google for there are quite a number of reviews). Oh yeah btw.. I was only looking for the essence at the moment.

Hada Labo

I love it when you do not have to use cotton pad to apply the lotion. Save cost *a bit.
Juju Aquamoist skincare range is a bit pricey. Well, most likely double from Hada Labo. So, I went over to Guardian & Watsons (I always compare price) in mind to buy Hada Labo essence and it turns out it has two type of range - Hydration & Whitening. *palm to the head. Didn't google enough I suppose. Know what? I went back home empty handed.

Watsons (10% discount for Juju Aquamoist range) - Pure 100H Essence : RM89.01
Guardian @ Midvalley : No Juju

Watsons (Hada Labo) : No discount for Hada Labo SHA Essence : Rm59
Guardian @ Midvalley : 10% discount : Rm53.10

Juju Aquamoist or Hada Labo?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Roti Hawaii #2

Salam and greeting bloggers,

Entry suka-suka untuk hari nie... Another version of Roti Hawaii.. Emmmm.. xder la another version bagai.. just corak mayonnaise yang berbagai... Yang penting rasa tetap sama..

Roti Hawaii #2


Entry roti hawaii kegemaran ramai dah ada kat sini hari tue ya..

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Time Is Love :: Solvil et Titus

Time Is Love

by Solvil et Titus

Is there a deadline for love
The closer we are
The more uncertain our love seems
My heart says I love you
I'd give all I have for you
But why does it have to end this way?
Only with time will love understand..

On scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love me?

:: Time Is Love ::

For more .. Click SOLVILETTITUS

Monday, December 20, 2010

Nurin Syu's Wedding @ Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

Salam and greeting bloggers,

Last few Sundays, my colleague had her wedding reception at Laman Tiba, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. A nice place with a terrific view for a wedding reception to be held. Confirm gambar yg disnap oleh photographer pro mahupun biasa2 cam I harus nampak cantik. Ngeeeee...


Nurin's wedding

Wish you two all the best and happiness always.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Katak di bawah tempurung

Salam and greeting bloggers..

Benar seperti yang dikata di atas.. Sungguh ketinggalan.. Dulu lalu kat Speedy Music Midvalley dah nampak video ni dimainkan di tv display. Waktu tue tgh jalan2 ngan Huda. Dia cakap Super Junior. And I was like.. err.. Saper kah gerangan Super Junior? hahahahha.. I bukan teenager ok.. Oleh itu, harus faham kalau x kenal.. O.0 ..But then it was definitely a catchy song. OK la.. Benar jugak seperti orang tua tua cakap.. Malu tanya sesat jalan. Balik google tak jumpa pun lagu tersebut. Actually I almost forgot how the song sounds already by that time. So, the search ended there. Then suddenly today, after almost couple of months, I bumped into the song. Benarlah kata orang tua-tua (lagi).. Kadang tak perlu cari bersungguh-sungguh. Mungkin suatu hari, akan jumpa tanpa perlu dicari-cari. Depan mata lah jugak. Macam jodoh lah jugak kan... Enjoy!!

Super Junior sings BONAMANA

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pleasures Bloom by Estee Lauder

The latest Pleasures Bloom to join the other Pleasures. I love this.. Fell in love instantly.. *Such a drama. Been eye-ing to have Sensuous added to my collection, as if I have any. But then, was introduced by the SA to Pleasures Bloom. Love Love!! Love the floral scent. Pleasures Bloom set which consists of a 50ml Pleasures Bloom & a miniature priced at RM180. Miniature spray type and seems like can be refilled.

Oh ya.. Another thing !! ESTEE LAUDER and COACH for a limited edition PWP collection.

Estee Lauder's new holiday gift sets are offered in a cute Limited Edition Coach makeup bag which are available in 3 colours : gold, silver and bright red. But it says not valid with value sets and accessories. I wonder were all the sets and boxes referred as value sets? I'm pretty sure they are. Right? For men perfume, they do have all 4 miniatures for RM180.

Will I get my hand on these babies?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

L'Occitane 2011 Diary for Charity

Salam and greeting bloggers,

L'Occitane is running a fundraising charity campaign by selling the L'OCCITANE 2011 Diary at RM15 each. Proceeds raised will be used to equip and hexpand the library services in Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB). Available at L'OCCITANE boutique while stocks last. Mine was bought from KLCC boutique. Go get one since it's December already. Merely approaching 2011. Gosh.. How fast time flies..

l'occitane 2011_c

l'occitane 2011_b

l'occitane 2011_a

Thanks Miu for the info..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Facial Session @ Zenth Spa

Salam and greeting bloggers,

Tatkala bila poket makin menipis, tapi tetap nak jugak jaga penampilan, nak jugak pegi facial, nak juga pegi buang sel-sel kulit mati di badan terus lah menjenguk Have you heard about it? There are other website too which offers things like, but the promotions would be different. In a good way I suppose since there will be lots of variety opportunities to us. I'll review another session that I purchase later. Here goes my 1st ever voucher purchase at Everyday. I bought a voucher of Intensive Face Therapy or Bust Therapy or Slimming Therapy (2 hours) @ Zenth Spa for only RM28!!!!!!! Yup.. Only RM28. No hidden charge.

So, last week, after reschedule for quite a few times (sampai dah segan nak call) I manage to redeem the voucher at Zenth Spa Midvalley. Zenth Spa Midvalley was located at the office buliding between Midvalley & The Gardens. Use the lift to go level 1, there I was. I opted for a facial for this session. The facial was called Crystal Collagen Facial. Ms. Cassey briefed to me an eye treatment was in too! Cool for my dark circle.

I was led to a room then need to change and wear a robe (macam berkemban). Normal stuff. My facial session was started with a light shoulder/head massage. It smells like ginger. Tekan-tekan je. Maybe it was to ease the tense? My therapist gave me a shoulder message in the middle of the facial session.

What I like most is, the extracting of black & whitehead were done manually. I mean with hand and tools. I kinda not prefer the vacuum thingy to extract those black & whitehead. Personal choice. She told me that my skin is dehydrated but internally is oily and that's why blackheads keep coming out. Need to get more mask done afterwards like 2 or 3 times a week. Noted! 2 pieces of collagen masks were placed on face and neck.

My conclusion : I love the facial / face therapy. So effective till my dark circle was a bit brighter. Meaning not so noticeable. Still there, but less concealer is going to be used. What I don't like is, (*this is normal I suppose) they were suggesting that I took their package. Don't get me wrong. I love their treatment but I like to go around. Just if I had extra kach$$$ing.. The face therapy would cost me RM300 if not for Everyday. >.< .. More reason to like Thanks to Zenth Spa too!

DDR? Jus Mate? 2 Alam?

Salam and greeting bloggers..

Anyone who had watched 2 Alam? Me? No.. not a chance.. I still can't believe Aaron Aziz was in 2 Alam.. Tak perlu penat jari taip. Enough said.. just read the article by NST.

More misses than hits for '2 Alam'

P/s- Natrah was awesome. Go watch if you haven't watched it.


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