Monday, November 15, 2010

Unstoppable .. Speechless!

I was so lack of update with movie recently. Got a call from my bro asking whether I had any plan on last Saturday, turn out he was passing 2 free tickets to watch Unstoppable at Midvalley. So, on Saturday, there I went to watch Chris Pine!!

The movie was so effingly awesome!! Not so recommended for people with heart failure & ibu-ibu mengandung. Haha.. Seriously, to wait for an anticipated-suspense scene to went by was so heart pounding. It's like you only get to exhale after the train managed to skip the Stanton corner without derailed and also when the people tried to pull the horses from the railway. I was about to think that the horses were about to get hit.

There is no need for any extra details. Just go and watch!! Gosh.. what a month with more movies to come.

p/s - Does it occur to any of you in your head to watch 2 ALAM? Blurrggggh......

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