Monday, November 29, 2010

Korean Cuisine @ Midvalley Food Junction

Salam & greeting bloggers..

I am definitely not good at trying new things when it comes to food. Next time had to read reviews then only I could try to have them. And of course it doesn't apply to Malaysian food. Well, some of them maybe. But, if we never try any new things how are we going to make full use of our life? Gosh.. Again.. why am I making fuss on this whole new thing. Let see.. I tried a Korean food once at Food Junction. Sebab tgk cm menarik ja kan.. Then, they do have rice. So, I thought it was ok since rice is part of our everyday food right? Boy, I was wrong.

Korean Cuisine

Korean Cuisine1

Pepper Rice.. Still ok for tummy.

Korean Cuisine3

Above picture. What I ate last time. Seyes tekak x leh terima.. Huhu.. Camner nak g Korea nie.. uhuk uhuk.. I had no idea what it is called. Can't recall anymore.

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