Tuesday, November 30, 2010

F.O.X Cosmetics Makeover!!

Salam and greeting bloggers,

This is my first time putting up here photos of mine after a makeover. Not a so close up though. Shy shy cat I suppose.. Hahahhaha.. Bear with me ya. So, if you are wondering how I got the free makeover by f.o.x cosmetics, you can read HERE!! Anna is an active beauty blogger if you must know. So, quick quick click.. Who knows you might get a better thing.

Since they do not have a direct contact at the counter, I e-mailed Cynthia, the marketing asst. manager of F.O.X Cosmetics and was directed to Vanessa, the Sales & counter Executive to make an appointment at F.O.X counter at Parkson, Sg. Wang. On that day, I arrived fashionably late.. Huhu. If I were not wearing baju kurung, I would definitely walked really fast. We got lost a bit, having no idea which way was Parkson. Asked few persons then there I was, saying sorry to Kelly in the 1st place. O.o ... Kelly was the make up artist, who did my makeover. So does Anna. FYI, F.O.X is a make up brand from Taiwan.

I do not have the processes or step by step of the makeover session. So, I'll just tell you the story. >.< .. Plus, segan lah.. huhuhhuu..
  • As usual, the makeup primer was applied.. Or was it like the foundation or something.. It really gives my face a good coverage. FYI, my skin ain't flawless but blackhead and whitehead definitely are my long term enemies. It costs RM130. Quite pricey for me but I definitely would buy it if I have a thicker wallet later on. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid to keep your skin hydrated.
Makeup Primer

  • Then, sheer finish loose powder was applied.
  • Kelly used natural colour on me (me loikee). I kan bukan makeup junkie.. Satg sibuk lak nak remove kalau warna bagai sgt.
  • The Vibrating Infinite Powermascara. This is my 1st time ever experiencing a vibrating mascara. I am starting to love it. Reason? No need for the eyelash curler at all. Hoyeahhh..
Vibrating Infinite Powermascara
  • Then, she applied Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in black. Trust me, this one is definitely a must buy item. I really love it. It didn't smudge at all till the evening. Rm 60 yallss... Waterproof too!!
  • Artist Colour for the cheek. Love the colour. The brushes Kelly was using on me was superbly soft. Hmm. I forgot to ask about them.
  • Last but not least, lipgloss for lippie. Love this too since it's non-sticky. Senang cakap.. semua suka lah..


Photos of me and Kelly


Dekat sket..


OK.. Pegang jantung kuat2... Nanti terkejut tgk gambar bawah nie.. Motif? -.- ..
I do not have a close up photo of me smiling with the makeup.. So, the eyes only for you ladies to show how the eye makeup look like. Well, at least you may get some idea. Mind you this photo is taken at 10 pm and my makeover was done at 12pm. So shiny shiny tue mmg kulit dah turn oily.. And NO.. I did not trim my eyebrow. Personal request to Kelly when I saw her hold the 'mini pisau'. Oh yeah.. My friend did compliment the eye makeup, saying that my eyes look bigger (*mata sepet kan)..


Product photos are from F.O.X website.. Oh ya.. They do have promotion now when you buy RM200 products from F.O.X cosmetics you are entitle for something something.. I am terribly sorry.. I totally forgot about the something something.. Go and have a look. Ngeeee...

**** update : The makeup was easily removed with makeup remover.. More reason to like!

Cheers all...


AnnaYJia said...

great post my dear ! Their products are really great right ?hehe..
and thanks for your credit ^^
Their brush is non-FOX brand I think =) Because last time I was informed that their brush is swimming from Taiwan to here! lol...
I like their vibrating mascara and gel eyeliner too ~~~ love love ^^

MY said...

lorr... learning from you.. segan sungguh nak update face with makeup.. haha..

owh.. really.. the brush was super soft.. used to apply the blusher. love it..

agreed!! the mascara and gel eyeliner were awesome..

Thanks to you again!!

Jessying said...

your eyes are nicely and precisely draw well here :)

MY said...

Jess : Can't do that by myself.. Huhu.. need lots of practicing..


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