Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dome @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

Salam and greeting bloggers..

It's D.O.M.E !! Located at Bangsar Shopping Centre.. It was my first time having meal here. I love the ambiance. It was cozy and the service was splendid.

Dome 1

Cheese marble cake.. or was it Marble cheese cake? I always have my dessert along with the main dish. Boleh selang-selang makan sebab takut kalau have it later trus kena tapau dessert itu. Wugi wugi.

Dome 3

Club sandwich. RM21.00 ..

"Pesto chicken, spinach leaves, a layer of crispy beef bacon, fresh tomato, mustard mayonnaise & tomato chutney between thick slices of toast. Served with chips.

Dome 2

I opted for a real meal since it was dinner time. Grilled Chicken in turmeric sauce. RM23.00. Quite pricey so you have to make sure you finish all of it. But then, I didn't eat the rice. Only managed to finish the chicken. Put the blame on cheese marble cake.

"Thai style marinated grilled chicken breast topped with turmeric sauce and served with buttered rice and sauteed vegetables."

Dome 4

Premium Coffee Ice Espreski - Choc-A-Block. RM17.50.

"Blended and topped with big chunks of quality milk chocolate."

Dome 5

Alhamdulillah for I am still able to indulge the yummy-ish food.

Pendek dan padat. Yang penting yummy.. Alhamdulillah..


AnnaYJia said...

oh I feel so jealous to see your food porn pictures everytime ! I wanna eat those yummilicious too ! *drooling*

MY said...

hehe.. I always get jealous looking at your blog too.. All the beauty products.. >.< .. sounds yummy as well..


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