Tuesday, November 30, 2010

F.O.X Cosmetics Makeover!!

Salam and greeting bloggers,

This is my first time putting up here photos of mine after a makeover. Not a so close up though. Shy shy cat I suppose.. Hahahhaha.. Bear with me ya. So, if you are wondering how I got the free makeover by f.o.x cosmetics, you can read HERE!! Anna is an active beauty blogger if you must know. So, quick quick click.. Who knows you might get a better thing.

Since they do not have a direct contact at the counter, I e-mailed Cynthia, the marketing asst. manager of F.O.X Cosmetics and was directed to Vanessa, the Sales & counter Executive to make an appointment at F.O.X counter at Parkson, Sg. Wang. On that day, I arrived fashionably late.. Huhu. If I were not wearing baju kurung, I would definitely walked really fast. We got lost a bit, having no idea which way was Parkson. Asked few persons then there I was, saying sorry to Kelly in the 1st place. O.o ... Kelly was the make up artist, who did my makeover. So does Anna. FYI, F.O.X is a make up brand from Taiwan.

I do not have the processes or step by step of the makeover session. So, I'll just tell you the story. >.< .. Plus, segan lah.. huhuhhuu..
  • As usual, the makeup primer was applied.. Or was it like the foundation or something.. It really gives my face a good coverage. FYI, my skin ain't flawless but blackhead and whitehead definitely are my long term enemies. It costs RM130. Quite pricey for me but I definitely would buy it if I have a thicker wallet later on. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid to keep your skin hydrated.
Makeup Primer

  • Then, sheer finish loose powder was applied.
  • Kelly used natural colour on me (me loikee). I kan bukan makeup junkie.. Satg sibuk lak nak remove kalau warna bagai sgt.
  • The Vibrating Infinite Powermascara. This is my 1st time ever experiencing a vibrating mascara. I am starting to love it. Reason? No need for the eyelash curler at all. Hoyeahhh..
Vibrating Infinite Powermascara
  • Then, she applied Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in black. Trust me, this one is definitely a must buy item. I really love it. It didn't smudge at all till the evening. Rm 60 yallss... Waterproof too!!
  • Artist Colour for the cheek. Love the colour. The brushes Kelly was using on me was superbly soft. Hmm. I forgot to ask about them.
  • Last but not least, lipgloss for lippie. Love this too since it's non-sticky. Senang cakap.. semua suka lah..


Photos of me and Kelly


Dekat sket..


OK.. Pegang jantung kuat2... Nanti terkejut tgk gambar bawah nie.. Motif? -.- ..
I do not have a close up photo of me smiling with the makeup.. So, the eyes only for you ladies to show how the eye makeup look like. Well, at least you may get some idea. Mind you this photo is taken at 10 pm and my makeover was done at 12pm. So shiny shiny tue mmg kulit dah turn oily.. And NO.. I did not trim my eyebrow. Personal request to Kelly when I saw her hold the 'mini pisau'. Oh yeah.. My friend did compliment the eye makeup, saying that my eyes look bigger (*mata sepet kan)..


Product photos are from F.O.X website.. Oh ya.. They do have promotion now when you buy RM200 products from F.O.X cosmetics you are entitle for something something.. I am terribly sorry.. I totally forgot about the something something.. Go and have a look. Ngeeee...

**** update : The makeup was easily removed with makeup remover.. More reason to like!

Cheers all...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Korean Cuisine @ Midvalley Food Junction

Salam & greeting bloggers..

I am definitely not good at trying new things when it comes to food. Next time had to read reviews then only I could try to have them. And of course it doesn't apply to Malaysian food. Well, some of them maybe. But, if we never try any new things how are we going to make full use of our life? Gosh.. Again.. why am I making fuss on this whole new thing. Let see.. I tried a Korean food once at Food Junction. Sebab tgk cm menarik ja kan.. Then, they do have rice. So, I thought it was ok since rice is part of our everyday food right? Boy, I was wrong.

Korean Cuisine

Korean Cuisine1

Pepper Rice.. Still ok for tummy.

Korean Cuisine3

Above picture. What I ate last time. Seyes tekak x leh terima.. Huhu.. Camner nak g Korea nie.. uhuk uhuk.. I had no idea what it is called. Can't recall anymore.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SS2 Murni : Roti Hawaii for breakfast

Salam and greeting bloggers..

Gosh.. It's only 2nd day of working after quite a couple days of break for Eidul Adha. Certainly missing mother's cooking. Went back home my brother bought a digital weighing scale, not so sure whether it's for home or him. So, everyone went on weighing ourselves.. Pheww.. still on track. All thanks to good metabolism. It feels great to get to eat quite infinite without having to worry about gaining few extra spare tyres BUT the increasing number of ages makes me kinda get a grip to my eating habit. And also because my mother told me that I do have the potential to grow bigger. Wider I suppose? Eh.. Macam fortune teller lak my mum. When I was a student, besides food, money is quite a major. So, each day I would register the money that I spent for lunch in the box of my head, in purpose konon-konon plus dinner it won't exceed RM10 per day. Huhu. Whatever it is, Alhamdulillah for what I had and gone through till this day because of HIM. Bersyukur setiap hari. InsyaAllah dapat yang lebih baik dari DIA. Amin..

Okay.. So, today another food entree. Please bear with me ya. (>.<). Blog nie dah macam caca marba.. semua menda nak cerita..

I'm sure SS2 Murni is well known among most of you (especially PJ people). I've heard about SS2 Murni since 2 years ago and only got the chance when I started working nearby PJ. Until now, I only had breakfast and lunch at SS2 Murni. Still hasn't had the the time yet to try the dinner menu. They only have Roti Hawaii with other mee, bihun and nasi lemak for breakfast. I believe other roti as well like roti canai and etc. I only tried their Roti Hawaii and since then got stuck with it for a while. O.o

Roti Hawaii ii

Roti Hawaii

It is made of pineapple, sausages, eggs and perhaps some other stuffs. I don't know. Anyone can tell me? ROti Hawaii costs RM5 each (if I'm not mistaken). Normally my friend and I had this menu with 3 layer tea @ Teh C. Definitely Yummy!

The location :

Restoran SS2 Murni
Jalan SS2/75, Petaling Jaya53 Jalan SS 2/75
47300 Petaling Jaya, Taman Sea, Malaysia

More pics/infos HERE!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Salam Aidiladha..

Salam and greeting bloggers..

I am wishing all Muslims out there
Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidiladha!!

For those who are driving back to hometown tonight after work, please drive safely.. As my friend said
' Selamat berpesta lampu merah on the road tonight '
For those who are going to be a co-pilot like me tonight, sleeping is definitely not allowed!! Nanti kena maki ngan driver. Woahhhh!!

For those who are not celebrating, have a blast one day holiday!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Unstoppable .. Speechless!

I was so lack of update with movie recently. Got a call from my bro asking whether I had any plan on last Saturday, turn out he was passing 2 free tickets to watch Unstoppable at Midvalley. So, on Saturday, there I went to watch Chris Pine!!

The movie was so effingly awesome!! Not so recommended for people with heart failure & ibu-ibu mengandung. Haha.. Seriously, to wait for an anticipated-suspense scene to went by was so heart pounding. It's like you only get to exhale after the train managed to skip the Stanton corner without derailed and also when the people tried to pull the horses from the railway. I was about to think that the horses were about to get hit.

There is no need for any extra details. Just go and watch!! Gosh.. what a month with more movies to come.

p/s - Does it occur to any of you in your head to watch 2 ALAM? Blurrggggh......

Friday, November 12, 2010

L'Oreal Warehouse Sale Report!!

I am so glad I managed to make a visit to L'Oreal Warehouse Sale this time. I missed it before raya last time. Furthermore, this time it was held near to my place. Me looiiikeeeeee!!!! Initially, I was hesitated to go since konon-konon nak jimat duit. Then, saw Miu's updating at FB with all those so tempting sales and pictures and terus tergugat jati diri... Lol.. Luckily my good friend was so supportive to tag along. Thanks to you!!! Tell ya.. It is super awesome if you bring a friend along since when I arrived there, most of the items like "buy one free one" or those 2 stuffs were packed into 1 like the Lancome Magnifique perfume.

Lancome Magnifique : RM250. Each was tag RM140 (I didn't notice the price at 1st).. It was packed to our request. Actually we asked about 2 edp in 1 pack because the pre-pack were all edt. The SA agreed and she was the one suggested to have this 75ml and 50ml edp in one pack with RM250. But perhaps it was my ears at fault. My friend only realized it was edt when we unpacked the plastic and because it was priced RM 140 for the 75ml box. Bummer. (-.-) . Lesson : Next time, check properly.

Kiehl's Hand & Body Lotion and Kiehl's Gentle Exfoliating Body Scrub "Coriander".. Each costs RM30.

Biotherm Celluli Laser : Buy one free one... lol.. A quick grab. RM 50 (The price was reduced).
Biotherm White Detox Day Cream & Night Cream. I planned to buy only the day cream since mine was about to finish. But then, the SA told that "buy the night cream and get the day cream free for only RM80".. Argggghhhhhhh.. Harus la amik kan. Ok.. If I took only the day cream it would cost me RM50. Rugi. Right? *sigh.. So, I took the offer. Extra RM30? Ok. No harm.. Ease myself. I am so regret that I didn't buy the bubble bath. Huhu.

Ralph Lauren Romance for Men : RM120..

My previous visit in May to L'oreal warehouse. Click HERE!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dome @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

Salam and greeting bloggers..

It's D.O.M.E !! Located at Bangsar Shopping Centre.. It was my first time having meal here. I love the ambiance. It was cozy and the service was splendid.

Dome 1

Cheese marble cake.. or was it Marble cheese cake? I always have my dessert along with the main dish. Boleh selang-selang makan sebab takut kalau have it later trus kena tapau dessert itu. Wugi wugi.

Dome 3

Club sandwich. RM21.00 ..

"Pesto chicken, spinach leaves, a layer of crispy beef bacon, fresh tomato, mustard mayonnaise & tomato chutney between thick slices of toast. Served with chips.

Dome 2

I opted for a real meal since it was dinner time. Grilled Chicken in turmeric sauce. RM23.00. Quite pricey so you have to make sure you finish all of it. But then, I didn't eat the rice. Only managed to finish the chicken. Put the blame on cheese marble cake.

"Thai style marinated grilled chicken breast topped with turmeric sauce and served with buttered rice and sauteed vegetables."

Dome 4

Premium Coffee Ice Espreski - Choc-A-Block. RM17.50.

"Blended and topped with big chunks of quality milk chocolate."

Dome 5

Alhamdulillah for I am still able to indulge the yummy-ish food.

Pendek dan padat. Yang penting yummy.. Alhamdulillah..

Monday, November 8, 2010

Buy wrong stuff, get refund.

Salam and greeting bloggers..

Never ever shop in a not so cool-unstable-undefined mood. Ever!! I did and I wrongly bought a stuff. I never had any experience of refunding items yet till yesterday. It was at Carrefour and back at home only I realized that it was wrong. Completely wrong stuff. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.... then I decided to try my luck and call the customer careline to ask about the refund thing because it is stated in the receipt you can refund within 8 days except stuffs like IT/camera/handphone etc. After it is confirm I can refund the stuff i went straight to Carrefour Midvalley (where I bought it) to have my cash back. I loikeeeeee!!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Amarin Heavenly Thai.. Cosy lunch @ Midvalley

Salam n greeting bloggers..

Finally!! I made it to Amarin Heavenly Thai.. It's been so long till I can't recall when was it I've been dying to try Amarin.


Hospitality with a heart. Does that look familiar to you? Sebab dia geng ngan Flying Chillies & banyak lagi..


8. Tom Yam Goong : Spicy Tom Yam prawn. But we changed the prawn to chicken. You just have to request for it. It costs RM10.90. I'm not sure whether it is the same price with chicken (I lost the receipt).


38. Gai Yat Sai Gung : Stuffed omelette with minced prawn & chicken. Emm.. My predict.. Just so and so. But for RM 15 still nice to try.


Thai Iced Tea. Tawaq!! Baik untuk kesihatan.


33. Hormok Talay : Steamed seafood Otak-Otak. In the menu written RM16 (4pcs). We requested for 2 pcs only. (>.<) Overall.. The service was good.. I loikeee very much.. Bo lagi, waiter tue dtg tanya nak tambah nasi x.. Rasa macam duk kat kenduri lak org dtg suh tambah-tambah nasi.

p/s- This entry was my 1st time visiting Amarin. The service was undoubtedly superb but then it may be because of small number of customers. After my 2nd visit during dinner, I'll make sure that myself won't ever again step in into Amarin. Some of them can't even speak simple English, frankly speaking the price was not up to the level with the service. It may be cheap for most of you but to me, a cheapskate.. I would prefer to get a decent service compared to gerai tepi jalan, which sometimes could provide a better service.. But again, it may be not one of the nicest dinner I ever had. Perhaps, the angel of luck was not with me that night.


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