Friday, October 8, 2010

What's Your Plan for the Weekend?

Salam & greeting bloggers..

It's raining here at the moment. It was like this in KL for a while.. Sekejap hujan sekejap panas. My friend is coming over tonight for MotoGP tomorrow, so, let's hope it is not going to rain for the weekend. Otherwise it's going to spoil the mood. Err.. A bit? Perhaps. Owh.. Nope. Not me.. I am not going over.

It's Friday and approaching merely an hour to 5.30pm. When the clock ticks 5.30 pm it's time for me to clock out and looking forward to a lovely weekend. If it is not a lovely weekend, it is still time for me to get some rest (konon-konon kerja bertungkus lumus for the whole 5 days). 5.30 pm on every Friday signifies the working days for the week is over. Well, at least for me, a common servant. Why all the sudden with the work and weekend things? I came across this topic at Perempuan Jomblo's blog. I bet most of you (*bloggers) would know her.

Kerja Kawan Keluarga

I admire her guts to be really outspoken. Me? blurrgghhhh..

So, what's your plan for the weekend?

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