Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Salam & greeting bloggers..

Anyone out there fanatic about Subway? Me? Nope.. I'm not a fan. Just once in a while I would grab a bite of Subway. It's fast and convenience when you are extremely hungry. No need to wait for the waiter to take your order or the cook to prepare your food. Just straight away to the counter then walllahhh... Siap roti subway untuk dimakan. *Kalau org x ramai lah yer. Kalau x, masih kena beratur.


Normally I would pick Chicken Teriyaki. I always stick to certain orders. Not an adventurous person especially when my stomach was growling hard. Not going to try something that I had never tried before.



Best part is you get to choose the vegetable that you like and dislike. Letak yg suka ja.. Tak suka yang masam2 ke, x yah letak. Less complain. Right? Tak suka bawang pun boleh x letak siap-siap. Nanti nak kena asing-asing lak. Dah lambat nak makan. Pehtue letak la sos aper yg nak. BBq ke mustard ke (nie masam sket.. kan?.. So, kalau x suka.. xyah letak. warna kuning yer.. *kalau salah sila betulkan).. Owh. Bukan kita yg letak. Org tue yg letakkan. Kalau nak banyak, ckp la.. Dik.. letak banyak sket yer sos *** .. Mudah2an dier letak banyak2. (>.<)




najmi said...

Subway kt cni boleh mkn yg seafood n tuna je.sobs.but salad n sos bnyk,.hehe.english cheese sedap.yg kaler gelap sikit dari usual cheese.n have u try their cookies?xcrunchy but bes:)

MY said...


Really? Xper2 .. balik cni makan puas2.. Nanti Kak My usha yg cheese tue.. Cookies.. hmm .. x minat sgt.. but will try and blog about it soon.. Hoho.. another reason to drop by at subway.


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