Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Eat Pray Love : Yawn~~

This is the most boring monotonous movie I have ever watched.
Italy part was still tolerable with all the foods. How I wish the India part was never made into the movie. Countless yawn ~~~ . I was kinda thinking of walking out in the middle of the movie though. Then, she went to Bali to look for love. She found one. But hesitate. Then, ok. Happy ending.

This movie is for those who are sort of afraid of moving on or having commitment issues in real life. Well, at least that's what I thought. You can't simply walk out from the trouble/unhappiness by not solving it first right? And then when you find one, you back out. Huh? How selfish does that sound? But for some people, who wanted to pursue for happiness kononnya x pernah nak bahagia, I presume you are going to fall for this.

p/s - If you insist on watching, try to watch it on Wednesday.. At least x nyesal sgt. Or better.. just download.


Igun said...

c i told u, sangat monotone kut..
tp aritu aku datang weekdays lah, and tema dia jalan sengsorang kt tropicana mall *loser* memang ngam r ngan tema citer nh...seb bek leh guna student card aku..*sigh*

MY said...

hahahaa.. yeah yeah.. few review I read pun ckp cmtue.. tapi yea lah.. it was julia robert's act.. kot2 la bo terima.. tp hakikatnya.. haish.


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