Wednesday, October 27, 2010


..Greetings to all..

This may sound cliche..
Truth hurts..
But definitely what goes around will definitely come around..
Some call it KARMA.. Some say that's how life is..
There are ups and downs, well most likely life works as a roller coaster..
Sometimes you are at the top, then at one point you are at the bottom where you can't simply imagine how life really s**ks..
Then you would say life is not fair.. It's not really about whether life is fair or not..
I'm sure God had decided good things for us..
It's us who had to sketch the canvas, planned how would you want the canvas to turn out to be, whether to beautify it or to destroy it..

Sounds dejavu to you?
I believe if you had been through any ugly situations, and you are still here on earth holding grip to reality, I bet you are smiling while nodding and agreeing upon this entry..
You may say how stupid you were during those days..
But hey!! It is worth an experience to toughen up ourselves..
If you are in the middle of a disaster, you probably won't believe any of the words here..
You have to wait for the time when you are compose enough then only you'll start smiling again.. It may take time, but soon you'll be there..



Anonymous said...

ingtkan pas lp ade beyonce dejavu!!! huhuh but ape yg kak mai ckp tu ...ndy SONGKONG lah!!!!!!!! that's fact!

MY said...

hahaha... kan.. fakta walaupun in the beginning susah la nak ngadap fakta itu..


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