Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chicken Chop @ Madam Kwan's

Salam bloggers..

Here I am .. Another Madam Kwan's entry.. (>.<) . Well, whenever we feel like we would like to have some sort of oriental, Malaysian food, basically searching for rice and whenever we wanted to try other than food court's food, we'll pick Madam Kwan's. Why? Well, you should step inside 1st then you'll know. If you are not into Western you can pick their char koew teow but normally I won't order this one since it is RM13.90. Err.. I think I can find char koew teow outside cheaper.

Madam Kwan's 7

Madam Kwan's 11

Madam Kwan's 10

Chicken chop with the sauce.

Madam Kwan's 6

See.. A must order .. Sagu Melaka.. or Sago Melaka?

Madam Kwan's 9

p/s - But frankly, I don't really fancy Madam Kwan's since it is quite 'bising' inside with people. Yeah. They are always occupied with people and therefore they will really accommodate you the sits according to your numbers. *Well sometimes maybe. The service is wonderful as always..


nadey said...

ya Alllahhhhhhhhhhhhhh sedapnye!!!!!!!!!!! sungguh dengki la kt kak mai....leh buat cite jln2 cari mkn no!

Un Phat Lee said...

tetiba rase lapar pulak.grr.. XD

SheTreasures said...

Madam kwan's yang mana u pergi?
To me yang cosy dekat klcc and telawi, bangsar.

Owh, never tried their chicken chop.
Sedap ek? I always opt for their char kuey teow.


Nice review btw!


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