Sunday, September 19, 2010

Astro HD..

Salam and greeting bloggers..

One week at home, I just can't believe that tomorrow is Monday already. Back to the bujang lifestyle. Eat whatever we have in the fridge/kitchen. Back to working mode. Overlah kan kalau x nak kerja. Kalau x kerja hari2 nak makan pasir ke.. The food part was definitely something that I missed being apart from home. Almost everyday I was lucky enough to indulge my mother's cooking. Me on the other hand, tolong kupas bawang jer mampu. Hahaha. My younger brother is always mother's 2nd hand when it comes to cooking. He's sort of the head chef at home. I as usual.. Tolong makan je. Oh yeah. We do add 4 members of hamsters to our family. SO we had 3 cages now. 2 cages for the newly couple. 1 cage is for the solo hamster (hamster nie dah tua. Tunggu masa jer kot). Then, one white female hamster died because of broken bones (as mum said), so she bought a new one. Welcome.. welcome.

Now.. Back in KL. Back to working mode. Back to solo lifestyle without mum's cooking.

Let's look forward to a brighter future.


p/s -Eh. What does all that got to do with Astro HD? Didn't you guys notice Astro had been so boring lately? *sigh.


Mohd Hafizd said...

suka msakan mama kt umah..

mlm2 pon boley melantak lagik apa2 yg tertinggal bwh tudung saji,,

balik KL trus blur... bkak fridge..kosong!!! ahaha

back to work~ ok..

MY said...

tue lah kan.. sama la.. bukak fridge blur.. haha.. dah dasar kreatif inovatif bab masak memasak mmg kosong..

back to work too..


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