Tuesday, September 28, 2010

1st Time Makan Hotcakes McD!!

Salam & greetings fellow bloggers.

Hari Ahad. Sampai2 dah kul 10.30 pg. The show started at 11 am (the earliest show). We managed to grab breakfast at McD before we went in GSC Midvalley to watch Donnie Yen kicking some ass.. Awesome I tell ya. Tak perlu la nak beli popcorn mopcorn bagai sebab mmg sgt best smpi scene lawan2 tue tgk smpi x smpt nak amik nafas. Huhu.. tapi kalau lapar, beli la kan.. Kang x concentrate tgk lak.



Hotcake no 3 nie without sausage. These hotcakes were fluffy enough but not enough to my tummy. Serius tak kenyang. Next time, will definitely take with sausage (tapi gambar mcm daging burger). Mind you the hotcake syrup was quite sweet. Jangan tuang byk2 yer..



"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

donnie yen has a new movie? ooh. gosh melbourne is sure slow with their movie selections.

MY said...

Really? I thought oversea would be much faster than Malaysia..


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