Thursday, September 30, 2010

Italiannies.. Yummy..

Salam bloggers & fellas.

Here is another food entry on Westernish.

This was quite a while back way before puasa. We wanted to try something new so we head off to Italiannies. It's not a really new thing, just happened to be I watched it from upstairs then thinkin I need to try !! Obviously, I was not in a shopping mode but in dinner mode. It was quite a while back then, now only manage to put it up here. Have anyone of you had been to Italiannies before? Do share ya. Enjoy the photos..

Warning : the food looks nice and it tastes much much much nicer..

Italiannies 7

Italiannies 6

Frankly, the service was not so friendly at 1st. Then, this Indian guy approach us then only it became 'friendly'. Macam confuse. Takder org ke nak approach aper ke since there were no customer at all when we arrived. Nevermind.

Italiannies 2

You can purchase your food which as shown above. Jangan tamak tau. Kitorg tamak.. end up we took 2 main course despite we were told that their food was in a large portion. Trust me. Unless you are a glutton, just take my advice take this " 2 course meal for RM27.90 ". But do ask the waiter if you are 1st timer.

Italiannies 3

Our appetizer

Italiannies 10

Italian clams soup
A hearty soup with fresh clams and diced tomatoes.

Italiannies 9

Toasted Bruschetta
Homemade Tuscan bread topped with marinated tomatoes, pasto sauce and parmesan cheese.

As for the main courses, we chose

Italiannies 11

Roasted chicken with balsamic glaze.
Oven-baked herb roasted chicken glazed with Balsamic. Served with fried rosemary wedges and garlic butter broccoli.

I'm perfectly happy when my handphone could capture nice photo under good light condition. We took the seats next to the window so we can still get the remaining sunlight since it was approaching dawn.

Italiannies 8

Strawberry Colada. Smoothies.. RM8.90. Nice!!

Italiannies 5

See.. A happy face. Told ya.. The food was nice.

Italiannies 4

Oh wait.. the 2nd main course.

Last but not least,

Italiannies 1

Sausage carbonara
Chicken sausage meatball tossed with Alfredo sauce over linguine pasta.

I 'tapau' back the leftover of sausage carbonara which were quite a lot (-.-).

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It Takes 2 To Tango

This entry is only for certain eyes.. You have to key in password in order to read it. Nevertheless.. It's just a silly entry.

Show encrypted text

My apologies if you are reading this.

Trust me.. It really takes 2 to tango..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

1st Time Makan Hotcakes McD!!

Salam & greetings fellow bloggers.

Hari Ahad. Sampai2 dah kul 10.30 pg. The show started at 11 am (the earliest show). We managed to grab breakfast at McD before we went in GSC Midvalley to watch Donnie Yen kicking some ass.. Awesome I tell ya. Tak perlu la nak beli popcorn mopcorn bagai sebab mmg sgt best smpi scene lawan2 tue tgk smpi x smpt nak amik nafas. Huhu.. tapi kalau lapar, beli la kan.. Kang x concentrate tgk lak.



Hotcake no 3 nie without sausage. These hotcakes were fluffy enough but not enough to my tummy. Serius tak kenyang. Next time, will definitely take with sausage (tapi gambar mcm daging burger). Mind you the hotcake syrup was quite sweet. Jangan tuang byk2 yer..


Saturday, September 25, 2010

RM50 - Repair cost for Smart Tag

Salam and greeting blogger..

Staying in KL needs you to face the fact that we are going to drive through few tolls everyday. Lucky if you don't. When I started working I drove from Bangi to KL every working days passing Tol Sg. Besi for RM1.80/RM2.70. Discount 10/20 cents if I manage to get out by 7am. Well, I'm pretty sure it still sound cheap to most of you who had double or triple or maybe more than that. Balik Sg.Petani, cuma ada tol SP Utara & SP Selatan. (>.<) . Have you girls (noted: girls) experienced things like 'tangan x sampai nak sentuh kad Touch n Go dekat scanner' or you need to unbuckle your seat belt approaching tol since you know confirm tangan x sampai and takut nak dekatkan kereta ke tepi sikit sebab sayang kereta (or mmg x pandai nak bajet jarak keta.. haha) and also.. till you had to stretch your neck since your hand alone won't reach the scanner. Kesian kan? Kesian dekat org belakang sebab kena tunggu lama. Kena gelak pun maybe ada. Come on la. Those scenes quite cute sometimes. Especially ladies. Guys? No way. You are suppose to be much better than us. Remember with all your sick believe that guys drive much better than ladies. Errrr? Ok. Move on. Worst part is.. you accidentally 'throw away' your T n G card outside the window & you had to come out to pick it. Those are some experiences.

To save your day, Smart Tag (Sistem Membayar Automatik Rangkaian Tol <-- mesti ada x tau nie.. because I didn't) would be the best solution. Tapi jgn la pakai sampai x hengat nak cek bateri. Dah bunyi banyak kali tue tukar la bateri. Kang smpi kat Smart Tag lane dah kuar 'Tiada Smart Tag'. Worst case scenario. Kena hon sebab kereta belakang dekat sgt (driver jenis x penyabar konon Smart Tag tue pakai sensor gigi biru dari jauh dah leh detect) & x leh nak gostan kena tunggu tol assistance. Sedih kan. Kalau panik lagi lah haru biru di situ. Ntah2 kalau keta manual dah mati enjin kat situ.

Ceritanya.. my Smart Tag rosak. It will make sound few times after IR detect Tag. Sounds like battery is dying but still working. Ajaib kan? I think it lasts for few months, until recently. Dah x nak berkhidmat dekat tuan dier agaknya. I sent over my Smart Tag for repair at KL Sentral after I made a call to customer careline that it costs RM50 for any form of repair. I was having a thought to buy a new one at RM120 but lucky me I don't use it everyday. So, save RM70 there. BUT.. it is going to take roughly 5 weeks to have it back.

Update (290111) : After that 5 weeks, I tried to call and called the customer service but to avail I couldn't get through at all. Tried again the next day for like a week, still didn't get through. I got fed up. Then, decided to buy a new one. Lousy service.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Astro HD..

Salam and greeting bloggers..

One week at home, I just can't believe that tomorrow is Monday already. Back to the bujang lifestyle. Eat whatever we have in the fridge/kitchen. Back to working mode. Overlah kan kalau x nak kerja. Kalau x kerja hari2 nak makan pasir ke.. The food part was definitely something that I missed being apart from home. Almost everyday I was lucky enough to indulge my mother's cooking. Me on the other hand, tolong kupas bawang jer mampu. Hahaha. My younger brother is always mother's 2nd hand when it comes to cooking. He's sort of the head chef at home. I as usual.. Tolong makan je. Oh yeah. We do add 4 members of hamsters to our family. SO we had 3 cages now. 2 cages for the newly couple. 1 cage is for the solo hamster (hamster nie dah tua. Tunggu masa jer kot). Then, one white female hamster died because of broken bones (as mum said), so she bought a new one. Welcome.. welcome.

Now.. Back in KL. Back to working mode. Back to solo lifestyle without mum's cooking.

Let's look forward to a brighter future.


p/s -Eh. What does all that got to do with Astro HD? Didn't you guys notice Astro had been so boring lately? *sigh.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tappers again Fellas!

It seems like it was just yesterday that we had our first day of fasting in Ramadhan. Now, one months of fasting had passed by. Then, we had our raya moments.. Another days of food galore. One week at home sweet home really made me heavier. Haha.. by 1.2 kg at least. Then, I remembered that my friends suggested to have a get together for breaking fast but we had to reschedule to another day. Perhaps after coming back from Raya hols. Tomorrow, I shall be back in KL. -.- . You know what.. I really miss Tappers.

Tappers again fellas!!!! Enjoy the pics..


I really love all the white and brown decos. Anything that has to do with white, black and earth tones would make me gladly to enter the restaurant.

Here is the Creamy Carbonara.. Serious sgt recommended.. Extremely delicious. With the cheese sprinkled on it, oh my.. the taste was kinda indescribable. Worth every your RM10.90. In the menu written, they used 100% pure cream and served with chicken bacon.


Chicken Parmigiana. Made of mozzarella and parmesan melt over breaded chicken in spaghetti tomato sauce served with chips and coleslaw. Siap description ok. Yummmaaaayyy... This one costs RM11.80.


As for the drink I took the honey lemon as in previous entry. I do get stuck with it. Whenever I go I would read through the menu to search for honey lemon.

*drool.. This entry was written during fasting. Lucky I am full enough with my sate at the moment. Home is really home sweet home right? I guess everyone would agree with me.

p/s- Back to work!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Can we pretend that airplanes

In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Salam Aidilfitri!!

Salam semua..

I believe most of us are at hometown already or perhaps are on the way meredah traffic jam. To those who are like me, yang sudah bergolek-golek di rumah, I hope you guys and girls are enjoying preparing for Raya celebration. How fast time flies. We've been fasting for 30 days now. I'm sure we're going to miss Ramadhan.

Tatkala daging dan ayam makin mahal berkadaran terus dengan hari menghampiri raya. Yea lah.. diorg pun meniaga penat2 pun nak raya jugak.. Not that I support the action. We're the consumers after all. Always find the cheaper things first.

Tatkala barisan nak beli santan dan nyok (kelapa) panjang di pasar terutamanya dekat gerai Melayu. Me & my mum malas nak beratur panjang so, we went to the Chinese shop. Sebelah kedai Melayu tue ja. 1 Malaysia kan. Dapat diskaun sekupang lagi dari harga tertera di papan kenyataan.

Tatkala bapak-bapak dan anak-anak menunggu di tepi sambil memegang barang2 basah/kering. Manakala golongan ibu sibuk memilih sayur-sayuran, ikan segala bagai, sambil memegang senarai barang-barang yang perlu dibeli (that's my mum). Tetiba my mum tanya "Nampak tak daun kunyit?". Okay this part, I diam je (tapi mata buat2 cari). Sumpah x tau daun kunyit rupa cmna. Tapi sekarang dah tau. Haha.

Mesti semua org dah dengar kan pengisytiharan Raya tadi. Dengan ini, saya Maisarah Yusoff (nama sebenar) ingin mengucapkan


Maaf Zahir dan Batin

kepada semua yang mengenali diri ini. Rasa sgt syahdu Raya tahun ini, x tau naper.. But still.. hang in there My.. cheers..

Have a great hols peeps..

p/s - sedih tahun nie dah x dpt duit raya.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

IFTAR Gedik Santai Part 1

Salam & greetings all..

I had a terrific IFTAR session yesterday. Gosh.. It was so fun. For once in my life, I'm glad I knew these guys and girls. It was not our 1st time bbq-ing though. But it was my 1st time menjejakkan kaki ke Pasar Borong Serdang/Selangor. Hahhaa.. Jom SHOPPING!!

Pasar Borong Serdang
Masuk pasar jangan lupa sinting (ker senteng) seluar. Nanti kang ngan air bau busuk ayam ikan kena lak kat seluar..


I was the one who took care of checking the things on the list. Dah beli tick.. dah beli cross. Then repeat byk kali aper yg x cukup lg. Then tambah aper2 yang tetiba came out of their mind. Nak suh pilih sayur & ayam? errr.. We already have the expert. Yang jejaka jejaki dalam gmbr2 ni lah yg pandai. Ayam tue ada lebam lah aper lah. Serai ngan bawang amik yg besar2. X mau kecik2. Oh ya. Both guys up there taken already ya. Sorry girls. >.<

Enough with the market photos. Muka sama ja. So, we head back to prep the bbq things. Mind you, all this took place the night before.


Sahur in the making. The guy in red shirt was chef of the day. Ice lemon tea pun dier yang buat. Tapi kena suruh la. Tapi boleh diharap sgt2 lah. ekekeke. Oh yeah. (>.<) Baju biru? He was the host. Thanks Abg Faril! Next time masak nasi jangan lupa tekan.

Introducing Abg. Hafiz. Haip.. jangan tgk lama2. Nanti ada org marah. They were washing the
chickschicken at the back. Tuan kamera for all the pics in this entry. I forgot to bring my baby.
*I wonder to whom those fingers belong to?

In the making..



Okay. 6 jam lagi nak berbuka. Sabar sebahagian daripada iman.

2 more days to go back hometown!!

p/s - Thanks Kak Maz bg sy menumpang kasih.


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