Saturday, August 21, 2010

the apartment @ the curve

Salam & hi to all readers..

How was your Saturday? Mine.. nothing much..I spent my day with Mr. Lappy and Mr.Google for the whole day. Yeah.. I know.. Borink tahap cipan la jugak.. selalu kan kalau bosan2 nie kita pergi dapur, bukak peti ais nampak cadbury.. pk jap.. cadbury ak ke nie. eh.. dah x ingat..ok.. letak balik. Nampak solivite amik capai straw terus minum. But no, it's the 11th day of the fasting month. (-.-) . Cukup - cukup. Hari nie nak feast your eyes with makanan omputeh. Well, here is another entry on Western food. We had our dinner at The Apartment at The Curve, quite a while back then. Frankly, we always had doubt whether these kinda places were halal or not since they serve liquor. But my dear and his colleagues went over for lunch last time at The Apartment at KLCC so, I think OK kot.. Tapi kalau ikutkan.. Hmm.. Huhu.. Btw.Pictures below were taken with my baby. Kalau pakai handphone mau asyik yellowish tahap hyper ja.



Our table was slightly upstairs. Lepas naik tangga, then they have one side. Kat situ lah kitorg duduk.Time kitorg pergi nie ader one couple on the same floor. You guys pernah tak kalau tgk one couple, I mean one old man+young lady makan sama2 in a very cozy and intimate situation. We were like gossiping scandal kot. Haip. Bulan puasa nie. Dr. sy ckp kita kena konsisten.. Nie bulan puasa ja baru nak buat-buat baik. *haish..


Fish and chips. Dory fish in a crispy batter served with handmade english chips & tartar sauce. RM21.90


Grill chicken wrap. Pieces of grilled marinated chicken wrapped in soft tortillas with tomato salsa & rocket. RM21.90


My fave all time.. Ice lemon tea.

The food was just ok. emm.. Maybe ada menu lain yg lagi besh that I was not aware of. Kalau rasa dompet itu tebal sikit, boleh la g melawat The Apartment. Kalau sentiasa tebal, tiap2 hari g melawat pun boleh.


Mohd Hafizd said...

boley mendatangkan kegemukan nihhhh...

aiyarrkkk...control2...jgn terpengaruh pitya~~~


happy fasting~

MY said...


Happy fasting to you too..

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you have gone back there since. You should try their dessert called "Eton's Mess". it is really nice! :)


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