Monday, August 16, 2010

#3rd Day Break Fast - Flying Chillies

On the 3rd day of fasting, I got to break fast with K.A. We went to Midvalley as usual then decided straight away to Flying Chillies, The Gardens since rice is our target. It's our 2nd time having meal here. So, already kinda have the idea on what to order.

Stir fried chicken w hot basil
Stir-fried chicken with hot basil. RM15. The chicken can be changed to beef as well.

chicken soup
Chicken soup with coconut milk, mushroom and galangal (ginger). RM10.50. It tastes like white tomyam. Nice!!

Diet coke
Diet coke. Zero sugar. -.- . RM6

Mocktail : Lychee mint. RM12. Nice but not to people who dislike the mint fragrance and taste.

As for desert, we had 7 sins chocolate from Delectable. Serious yummy. Will publish it on next entry. Couldn't find the picture.

Flying Chillies
For reservations : 603-22877708

p/s - I just notice that my previous-old entries on food were posted with small scale of pictures. *haish. Wonder why I did that last time. Tak reti lagi nak blog I suppose.


=MissRynn= said...

sodapnya.. :( dah la pose ni..

MY said...

yup.. mmg sedap.. hohoho..


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