Saturday, August 14, 2010

1st Day at Bandung-Tangkuban Perahu visit

Salam semua..

Okies.. few entries on yummy food had delayed my Jakarta & Bandung trip's entry since Jakarta Jom!! . Can't help with it. Food is like my major thing despite I never knew how to cook well. So, enough with the chatty, let's get started.

Upon my arrival at Soekarno Hatta Airport, Jakarta, we went straight to Bandung which took roughly 3 hours journey. The jalan-jalan started again the next morning. We stayed at Patradissa guest house. Quite a nice place but don't expect much.

patradissa guest house

at hotel
Happy faces.. Dah kenyang and sedia untuk memulakan pengembaraan.. Haha. budget backpackers. The fried rice was nice. Tapi x macam beras kat sini lah. Macam separa pulut sikit. Padi huma kah?

After breakfast we went to Tangkuban Perahu. It's a must visit place for tourist. *Wahh tourist.. haha. Nothing much to be seen here but it definitely has unique scenery since we don't have any volcanoes here in Malaysia. Despite the smell from the sulphur which kept bugging our nose the camwhoring session went well. Harus ler kan.

Tangkuban Perahu1
See.. Pakcik pun dah pandai nak budget camwhore. Yang penting senyum walaupun ......

Tangkuban Perahu4
When you walk further upwards, you'll get to see these kind of plants and trees.

Tangkuban Perahu5

Tangkuban Perahu6
The souvenirs

Oh ya. Up here, you'll get to see lots of souvenirs made from rabbit fur such as hat and other things. Perhaps they have so many rabbits because on our way before reaching Tangkuban Perahu we saw LOTS of rabbits were displayed for sale along the road. They didn't even put them in cage and yet the rabbit didn't look like they were going to jump of the rack. We don't get to see that here. Hamsters were also sold at Tangkuban Perahu. Sadly, we don't get to buy them.

Tangkuban Perahu3
3 musketeers. We got help from a Malaysian student who came from KL to take our photos. He was so excited to get to see us from Malaysia. It turned out he had been away from Malaysia for almost a month since it was semester break. No wonder. Dah selamat balik kot.

Tangkuban Perahu2
Last but not least, a must family photo. Aiyak. My bad posture made me look big.

Note : This is not a place for shopping. -.-

p/s - I love the tudung makcik that I wore. I dunno why I called it tudung makcik but I definitely need to go to deZahra to restock. Konon untuk raya. (>.<)


LuN said...

best x bandung, mai? hr tu ngat nk book tiket pbandung utk thn depan. tp ade kwn ckp better g Bali. so ape yg speselnye bandung eh?
note: kami xmau shopping sgt

MY said...

Lun : nie macam ala2 honeymoon kan.. Might as well Lun g Bali or Krabi. Bali rasanya last time my check tiket ok gak price dier. Krabi is definitely my utmost priority for that. Bandung ada ja tmpt2 menarik. cumanya mmg shopping ja byk kot. Mmg a tourist place situ.

Hafizatul Akmar Hussin said...

Lun, i think. better g Bali. Kalau nk shopping byk bru Bandung. Nak jln2.. sgt me rekomendasikan Bali. Aku dh g Bali n Bandung. i prefer Bali =) wahh! best. nk pegi lagik! hehe

Mai : cantik gambaw! ;)

MY said...

Kema : hehe.. sy budak baru belajar.. Thanks..

Lun : dengaq tue lun..Nasihat dari pakar

faratul said...

my, tak g jkt ke? kalo pnah g, leh korek2 info kt u..

MY said...

Faratul : My g jugak jakarta.. Tapi my shopping 'barang' itu di Bandung .. >.<


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