Monday, August 30, 2010

Caramel pudding + coke + CSI Miami

Salam & greeting bloggers..

I am currently at my beloved hometown.. until Tuesday.. It feels just great to be at home, at night holding a plate filled in with caramel & corn pudding and with a can of coke on the other hand while watching CSI Miami. How I wish I could do this often but perhaps not with caramel/corn and coke all the time. Have to watch my food intake. Grrrrr... I'll keep it short to wish all Malaysians..

Happy Independence Day!!

source : google

To those people who are still ungrateful for the fact that we are living in a peaceful country (*minus all the politikus issue ok), just shooooh away.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nasi Bojari @ Madam Kwan's

Salam and greetings fellas..

This entry on Madam Kwan's had been postponed for quite a few times. We've been there for several times and yet I always forgot to blog about it. Managed to rummage through my collection of foods photos for Madam Kwan's.

Madam Kwan's

Madam Kwan's 1
This one is the chicken rice with black mushroom something something.. I hardly remember the name. Just so and so. Wait for next ..

Madam Kwan's 3
The famous Nasi Bojari!! I think it is RM21.90 . Worth your quarter tank for Viva.. hahaha... Trust me. Don't be fool by the simplicity look of the food. It may be my handphone low quality of picture, but the rendang.. Gosh.. Seriously YUMMY!!

Madam Kwan's 4

Madam Kwan's 8
Sagu Melaka.. This is a must order dessert since he loves it.

Well for me , so far, the service at Madam Kwan's was never disappointing. The food was served within time so there'll be not much starving time. Oh yeah..There is this one tall handsome guy. Go check him out. (>.<)

Madam Kwan's
F-052, 1st Floor, Mid Valley Megamall,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 KL

Saturday, August 21, 2010

the apartment @ the curve

Salam & hi to all readers..

How was your Saturday? Mine.. nothing much..I spent my day with Mr. Lappy and Mr.Google for the whole day. Yeah.. I know.. Borink tahap cipan la jugak.. selalu kan kalau bosan2 nie kita pergi dapur, bukak peti ais nampak cadbury.. pk jap.. cadbury ak ke nie. eh.. dah x ingat..ok.. letak balik. Nampak solivite amik capai straw terus minum. But no, it's the 11th day of the fasting month. (-.-) . Cukup - cukup. Hari nie nak feast your eyes with makanan omputeh. Well, here is another entry on Western food. We had our dinner at The Apartment at The Curve, quite a while back then. Frankly, we always had doubt whether these kinda places were halal or not since they serve liquor. But my dear and his colleagues went over for lunch last time at The Apartment at KLCC so, I think OK kot.. Tapi kalau ikutkan.. Hmm.. Huhu.. Btw.Pictures below were taken with my baby. Kalau pakai handphone mau asyik yellowish tahap hyper ja.



Our table was slightly upstairs. Lepas naik tangga, then they have one side. Kat situ lah kitorg duduk.Time kitorg pergi nie ader one couple on the same floor. You guys pernah tak kalau tgk one couple, I mean one old man+young lady makan sama2 in a very cozy and intimate situation. We were like gossiping scandal kot. Haip. Bulan puasa nie. Dr. sy ckp kita kena konsisten.. Nie bulan puasa ja baru nak buat-buat baik. *haish..


Fish and chips. Dory fish in a crispy batter served with handmade english chips & tartar sauce. RM21.90


Grill chicken wrap. Pieces of grilled marinated chicken wrapped in soft tortillas with tomato salsa & rocket. RM21.90


My fave all time.. Ice lemon tea.

The food was just ok. emm.. Maybe ada menu lain yg lagi besh that I was not aware of. Kalau rasa dompet itu tebal sikit, boleh la g melawat The Apartment. Kalau sentiasa tebal, tiap2 hari g melawat pun boleh.

Friday, August 20, 2010

#4th Day Break Fast

Oh my.. There goes my so-called diet on the 4th day of break fast. My dear planned up to have 'nasi berlauk' Malay style. He end up went over to Sentul to make a reservation. We had dinner once at Al' Azmi Garden. Bulan puasa nie kadang x sesuai nak cuba makanan baru. Sebab dah lapar sgt kan.. Nanti x sedap kan susah. Just my 2 cents, even me sometimes did try new foods during hungry moment. Btw. Thanks dear.So, we had ......

Al Azmi
Al' Azmi Garden .. Somewhere in Sentul

Telur bistik n mixed vege
Telur bistik & mixed vege

Siapkap 3 Rasa
Siakap 3 Rasa. The food presentation was beautiful. Don't judge with the bad quality of my photos.

Lychee & hot tea. Lyches was quite sweet. I mean.. very.. I had to ask for a plain water.

Total was RM45.++ .. My predict? Just so and so. This restaurant had flies problem. *in a mini scale. Last time I didn't encounter this particular problem. But overall, the service was fast. The food was nice. But maybe the food was cold the time we were breaking fast, it kinda didn't taste right. Do come early since the place was full house.

p/s - I do realize we can't complain much about food during break fast since there were a LOT of people in one time and they can't 100% cater to satisfy all the people. Agree? or disagree?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

7 sins of Chocolate from Delectable

From previous entry on 3rd day break fast at Flying Chillies I did mention about 7 sins of Chocolate that we bought from Delectable. Presenting .....


Eh.. belum.. baru cover.. >.<

7 sins of Chocolate

7 sins of Chocolate

It costs RM12 .. Tapi tersgtlah yummy. K.A pun wonder why so expensive. But this one, trust me.. Worth your every cents.

Monday, August 16, 2010

#3rd Day Break Fast - Flying Chillies

On the 3rd day of fasting, I got to break fast with K.A. We went to Midvalley as usual then decided straight away to Flying Chillies, The Gardens since rice is our target. It's our 2nd time having meal here. So, already kinda have the idea on what to order.

Stir fried chicken w hot basil
Stir-fried chicken with hot basil. RM15. The chicken can be changed to beef as well.

chicken soup
Chicken soup with coconut milk, mushroom and galangal (ginger). RM10.50. It tastes like white tomyam. Nice!!

Diet coke
Diet coke. Zero sugar. -.- . RM6

Mocktail : Lychee mint. RM12. Nice but not to people who dislike the mint fragrance and taste.

As for desert, we had 7 sins chocolate from Delectable. Serious yummy. Will publish it on next entry. Couldn't find the picture.

Flying Chillies
For reservations : 603-22877708

p/s - I just notice that my previous-old entries on food were posted with small scale of pictures. *haish. Wonder why I did that last time. Tak reti lagi nak blog I suppose.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

1st Day at Bandung-Tangkuban Perahu visit

Salam semua..

Okies.. few entries on yummy food had delayed my Jakarta & Bandung trip's entry since Jakarta Jom!! . Can't help with it. Food is like my major thing despite I never knew how to cook well. So, enough with the chatty, let's get started.

Upon my arrival at Soekarno Hatta Airport, Jakarta, we went straight to Bandung which took roughly 3 hours journey. The jalan-jalan started again the next morning. We stayed at Patradissa guest house. Quite a nice place but don't expect much.

patradissa guest house

at hotel
Happy faces.. Dah kenyang and sedia untuk memulakan pengembaraan.. Haha. budget backpackers. The fried rice was nice. Tapi x macam beras kat sini lah. Macam separa pulut sikit. Padi huma kah?

After breakfast we went to Tangkuban Perahu. It's a must visit place for tourist. *Wahh tourist.. haha. Nothing much to be seen here but it definitely has unique scenery since we don't have any volcanoes here in Malaysia. Despite the smell from the sulphur which kept bugging our nose the camwhoring session went well. Harus ler kan.

Tangkuban Perahu1
See.. Pakcik pun dah pandai nak budget camwhore. Yang penting senyum walaupun ......

Tangkuban Perahu4
When you walk further upwards, you'll get to see these kind of plants and trees.

Tangkuban Perahu5

Tangkuban Perahu6
The souvenirs

Oh ya. Up here, you'll get to see lots of souvenirs made from rabbit fur such as hat and other things. Perhaps they have so many rabbits because on our way before reaching Tangkuban Perahu we saw LOTS of rabbits were displayed for sale along the road. They didn't even put them in cage and yet the rabbit didn't look like they were going to jump of the rack. We don't get to see that here. Hamsters were also sold at Tangkuban Perahu. Sadly, we don't get to buy them.

Tangkuban Perahu3
3 musketeers. We got help from a Malaysian student who came from KL to take our photos. He was so excited to get to see us from Malaysia. It turned out he had been away from Malaysia for almost a month since it was semester break. No wonder. Dah selamat balik kot.

Tangkuban Perahu2
Last but not least, a must family photo. Aiyak. My bad posture made me look big.

Note : This is not a place for shopping. -.-

p/s - I love the tudung makcik that I wore. I dunno why I called it tudung makcik but I definitely need to go to deZahra to restock. Konon untuk raya. (>.<)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1st Day Ramadhan

Salam Ramadhan semua..

Please forgive me for all the wrong deeds that I had done.. secara sengaja ataupun tidak sengaja.. *err boleh? .. Ampun.. Semoga segala amal dan ibadah kita di bulan Ramadhan ini diberkatiNya.


p/s - Come to think of it, I may blog less about food. Nanti kang xder lak org sudi nak menjengah blog yg x seberapa ini di bulan yang mulia ini. Ngee. Ingat yer. Fasting month is not the month to gain food. It's the month to do lotsa good deeds. Wish I do the same as well.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Four Happy Seasons Restaurant @ Wangsa Maju

I went over looking for this particular 4 Happy Seasons restaurant at Wangsa Maju after read about it at AnnaYJia's blog. It is a HALAL restaurant despite of the restaurant's name. Macam Chinese restaurant kan. They put a BIG Halal sign in front of the restaurant. It is located just opposite the Wangsa Walk and just beside NZ Curry House (maple itu).. Kira area-area situ lah. We arrived there around 1pm just nice for lunch. We opted for Spring room (less cold). Was it spring room? They have quite a numbers of menu for you to choose.

Interior deco- Spring?
Interior deco of the room

Happy Seasons

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Chop. Sweet and sour a bit. Oh.. sama lah pisau dengan pisau di umah.. (-.-) RM12.90

Wok Dried Mix Vegetable (add-on) RM6.00 . This is the add on version (basically for 1 person). The ala-carte is RM10.

Tom Yam seafood soup RM9.00

Jasmine tea &amp; milk tea
Jasmine tea & Milk tea. These are included in the lunch set.

Brownie. Seriously yummy. Served with a scope of ice-cream. RM9.00

4 happy seasons
4HappySeasons Restaurant
No. 9, Jalan Wangsa Delima,

1A, Section 5, Wangsa Maju,
53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +6 03-4142 7171 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +6 03-4142 7171 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Fax: +6 03-4142 9480
-----Operation Hours -----
~ 12.00 noon to 12.30 midnight ~
-"Last Order 12.00am"-

For details you can surf their website. Oh ya.. 4 Happy Seasons Restaurant is going to have buffet for breaking fast throughout the Ramadhan festive month. RM30 for adult while children RM15 (will check the flyer later).


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