Sunday, July 4, 2010

Waka Waka - World Cup 2010

It's the 4th week that we are in the mood of Waka Waka-World Cup 2010. Hoyeahh.. Just got the vibe since Germany won big last night against Argentina. Worth winning since Mueller won't be in for the next game. Frankly, I was quite a fan (not fanatic) of football when Beckham was in Manchester United. Now it is soccer for him. I simply couldn't resist to miss England game last time. Practically during those time, I only knew some of the players like Ferdinand (I remember him because of his hair b4.. braided I think), Gerrard and Owen (just to name a few). While for Germany.. hmm.. Ballack!! *of course ler kan.. Pity him could only watch from the seat this time. So, basically when I watch a game, anyone score I would cheer. No heart feeling at all yg sampai nak gaduh bagai (ader kan these kind of people). But then last night was a double bonus since Klose scored 2 goals perfectly. Oh yeah.. When a lady says she often watches football games and talk all the so up-to-date things about football, normally the men reaction would be "Ala.. korang tgk player dier jer.. Yang handsome je harus tgk".. Not all, I would say. Some of us really pay attention to the game. I may not be one of them since I only pay attention to the game I watched and I don't cover all the match. Btw, Messi was quite ineffective last night, wasn't he? Was it because the Germany guarded him too much?

Waka waka by Shakira has becoming a hit now.. Enjoy..

Here is where Shakira performs at the FIFA World Cup 2010 Kick Off..

The official video..

What a gorgeous body she has...

p/s - Betulkan kasut Tevez yang tercabut semalam?

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