Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tony Roma's !!!!!

Salam semua..

1st of all terribly sorry for the not so good quality pictures in this post. Kesimpulannya harus tukar handphone.. Amin.. (>.<). After our game last evening, my friends and I went for a lavish dinner at Tony Roma's. Well at least for me. I kinda dislike the 'lampu' over there since my handphone does not have flash or light to take photos under such condition of light. But the food is worth to burn a tiny hole in your pocket. Presenting.. Our starter..

Onion loaf!! This is the half size.

Marinated chicken grill .. RM28.90

Jangan tertipu dengan brokoli yang nampak cm layu itu.. Hakikatnya sgt lah sedap sbb disalut mentega (ke butter <--- sama kan?)

10 Oz. New York Strip : RM53.90

Beef. I'm not a big fan of beef but the mashed potato is yummy.

Grilled salmon topped with shrimp piccata .. RM42.90

Stated in the menu this is one of the new dishes. Again, I'm not a big fan of salmon. Tapi yg makan nyer ckp sedap. Harus la kan. Then, we ordered trio mini dessert, which are not that mini. Came in a rectangular tray. There were quite a few choices that you can pick. All in Rm19.90 (if I'm not mistaken).


Strawberry shortcake

Cookie. That cookie under the ice-cream sgt lah keras. I had no idea how it taste since I couldn't even take a bite of it.

Drinks!!! These 3 drinks are super nice. We ordered zesty apple, sweet cherry (this one mine.. very recommended) & miami breeze.

Thanks to the special person who treated us. Semoga dimurahkan rezeki selalu. In hope there will be a next time. Ngeeeee...

p/s - Alhamdullillah for the 'rezeki'.


ana baik (^.^) said...

wei,apsal gi tony roma xmkn rib??
rugi beb...
rib dier sangat sangat sangat sedap!!

MY said...


xreti la nk mkn steak nie.. ok ok.. will try next time.. haha.. nak jugak tue.

AnnaYJia said...

wow ~~~ nice ~~~
I always wanted to try the onion loaf but I scared that I can't finish it (coz everytime I went there alone T_T ) , so I still nvr order it :(

MY said...

AnnaYJia,'s quite big.. Me and my friends didn't get to finish it all.. Had to take away some since my friends ordered too much for the three of us. Next time, when you had company along, you should try it.

=MissRynn= said...

tgk gamba masa tgh lapar.. rasa nak telan ngn pc ni sekali


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