Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tappers for Lunch

Salam semua.. Skip jap entry pasal Jakarta ngan Bandung..

Another yummylicious entry about western food. Sangat sedap!! Ja (a friend of mine) and I went over to Bangsar Sphere during one of our lunches then decided to try something western-ish. Konon x nak makan nasi. It's been a while I had been eyeing Tappers then only decided to try. Haha. Tappers is located beside a "restaurant that served alcohol drinks <---- I don't know the name". Hujung sekali sebelah kiri from Little Penang and Bali Feel. Jangan drool okay..

Chicken Shnitzel .. Deep fried chicken with breadcrumbs served with coleslaw, chips and our very own special brown sauce. RM12.90

Fish & Chips.. Deep fried fish served with coleslaw and chips.. RM10.90

Honey lemon.. Harus minum!! Sangat sedap.. Not so sweet and yet it tastes super fine. Not sure kalau x ISO yer the drink.

Goo Leng Ping a.k.a syrup bandung.. Taste nice as well.

These are all under Tappers Set Lunch from 11 am - 2.30 pm. All set lunches are served with drinks. Ader la pilihan dier. These are purely my own opinion okay.. xder hasutan dari mana-mana pihak. Until today I've been craving that honey lemon sampai pi gerai tepi jalan pun nak honey lemon tapi xder. Huhu. The service was nice as well.


Yanie said...

Hi dear, i know Tappers, tapi x pernah makan lg kat situ.... Actually the restaurant which served alcohol u mentioned above is S'Mores. It is a non halal restaurant, but me and my Mr fiance accidentally had meaty meals there... Luckily, when we went there last week, i noticed the non halal sentence kat bawah menu leaflet tuh... oh my god...nasib allah tunjukkan awal2 pada kami... Little Penang dah bukak ye yang? have you been to LuvSierra, it is located next to San Francisco, dia jual kek2...and kek2 dia sangattt sedap... i loike... Anyway, the piccas above look so tempting, gonna ajak my fiance to try them out la... hahah...

MY said...

yanie : oh really.. yer .. b4 nie musykil sgt nak pi tappers tue.. sebab iklan kat dpn tue besar2 serve alcohol beverages. A'a..little penang dah bukak.. hoho .. will take note on LuvSierra.. kena plan selari dengan diet.. hahaa.. btw.. you should try tappers.. mmg yummy.. tapi x sure lah if tak fit your tummy nnt.. huhu

crystalzerosix said...

my kena ada satu blog utk shoot food jer nyer stile pic bleh menambah selera pengunjung blog nih :)

MY said...

hoho.. akan dipertimbangkan.. byk mkn actually tapi x terdaya nak upload.. InsyaAllah..


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