Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jakarta Jom!!

Salam to all bloggers who happened to drop by here..

Recently my family and some friends went to Jakarta and Bandung. Tickets were bought during the Air Asia sale like in November I think. Huh.. Semangat x semangat. But then, stuffs happened so I end up bought another ticket to Jakarta alone. (-.-) . Being me who was not so independent, redha dengan ketentuanNya.. Naik flight sorang2. Dengan Rp cash langsung xder in hand.. Uarghhhh..

Dalam cawan nie, teh tarik yer.. Tahap yummy : Zero .. Mungkin teh tarik org kaya minum. Tak ingat kedai yg mana, tapi yg corner lot.

Soekarno oh Soekarno

Hoyeah.. Ready to board.. Baca doa & mengucap dulu.. Kot2..... Muka sembab sebab tak cukup tdo.. Reason : Study bersungguh-sungguh untuk exam Induksi pagi tue.

Upon my arrival, my handphone couldn't roam. Panic!! Luckily, one Malaysian Chinese lady, helped me. She used her iPhone to call my mother and arranged on where I should wait. I was approached by a taxi driver (?) .. Not so sure who exactly he was. Dia siap tanya who do he need to call by using his hp. Me being a dumb asked him to call my mother. Panic dah hilang baru lah terfikir takut kena tipu. Then this Chinese lady (her nama is Melissa btw) came to the rescue. It was her 1st time being in Jakarta but lucky her the hotel's person picked her. Huhu. Nak ckp dia baik lagi nie. Siap bagi Rp 200,000. Woahhh.. Dapat wang free lagi. Org hotel tue pun baik. Sekali lagi offer nak bg guna hp. Then, remember that taxi guy? Dia ckp "Dah pakai kredit nie." or something like that. I straight away cakap, "Sy xdak duit." Then, tunggu lah diam2 sampai mama ngan papa sampai. Then, my mother called Melissa to inform her that she had picked me. See.. being peramah ader kelebihannyer.. Ngee.. My tegur Melissa b4 naik kapal terbang lagi.. sebab kitorg kan kelas ekonomi, naik kemudiannya. Then after landing in Jakarta, we went to pick our bags together since it was her 1st time as well.. I was lucky that she was there. THANK YOU!!

End of story for today. See you till next entry..

p/s - Lesson learnt. Next time, need to go to Maxis 1st then bring your passport and Rm300 along to activate roaming.


ElyaElmo said...

teringin gilee ok nk g jakartaa :(

MY said...


It was my 1st time out of Malaysia.. Haha.. But still never too late kan.. The shopping was super fun..If you do have chance to go, harus pergi..

crystalzerosix said...

harap pasnih dpt pi gak sakan ek my?:)

MY said...

boleh tahan gak la.. sgt murah2 kat sana.. jakun sekejap.. eh.. 2 hari gak la jakun.. sampai x sempat2 nak tgkp gmbr.. (>.<) Byk lg tmpt menarik rasanya.. Indo kan besar.. ari tue dah smpi bangkok ok la tue.. next trip jakarta ok.. ngeee...


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