Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eclipse is approaching!!!

My goodness.. After reading Lady Verde's entry about Eclipse, I am sooooo thrill to watch Eclipse tomorrow. Lucky betul Lady Verde dapat tgk Eclipse earlier than us since she watched it at Melbourne. Huh. Takper takper.. tomorrow I dapat tgk puas2 my Edward. I was straining myself not to download it just to watch it at the big screen. Will be watching at The Gardens tomorrow night. Tickets were bought on Sunday. Semangat kan? Yup. Beli awal untuk dapat the best seat. So that xder orang kaki x cukup pendek nak tendang2 kerusi depan. Biadap sungguh olang macam ini. Enough with that. Hoyeahh.. So, is there anyone will be watching at the same place with me?

Eclipse!! Wait for me yeah..

Can't wait to watch the proposal by Edward towards Bella.. I dah khatam all the books ever since Twilight. Double semangat!!

p/s - Dear my other half, jangan lewat yer..

p/s/s - Yours truly will be watching it not once.. Hoho..

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