Thursday, July 8, 2010

Deutschland Didn't Make It

Officially I shall not be watching the World Cup final since Germany won't be playing.. -.- ..

Ok.. Here is another thing.. Just would like to share with you readers.. I was wondering, how do you react when someone ask you this question..

"How come you can speak well in English?"

I was questioned with that just now. So, being a modest (>.<) person, I answered, "Really? I'm not that good actually.. Just so and so." Is there "so and so" in English? Haha. And few questions about school and uni also.

bla.. bla.. bla... Here is the last part.

She : Did you come from KL?
My : Nope.. I came from Kedah. (Ya.. saya orang Kedah.)

Being modest again, I said this to her. "I'm not that good.. You speak English much better than I do." That ends the conversation. Tapi kadang terfikir, rupa My macam x boleh cakap BI ke? Tapi kita pk yang baik2 je. Kann...

p/s - Hereby, I have no other intention when I wrote this entry.


suhaisweet said...

Visiting here..Nice.. special contest bring to u. Don’t Miss it!

ElyaElmo said...

ha3..biasa laa org luar mmg pikir org msia tak pandai ckp english kot..hu3

MY said...

kann.. x patut tau.. few times jugak pernah ditanya.. tapi My ckp xder la bgs pun. rojak buah gak. huhu. tapi pk baik2 jer lah.. mungkin mmg purely just a question without any other intention.


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