Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tony Roma's !!!!!

Salam semua..

1st of all terribly sorry for the not so good quality pictures in this post. Kesimpulannya harus tukar handphone.. Amin.. (>.<). After our game last evening, my friends and I went for a lavish dinner at Tony Roma's. Well at least for me. I kinda dislike the 'lampu' over there since my handphone does not have flash or light to take photos under such condition of light. But the food is worth to burn a tiny hole in your pocket. Presenting.. Our starter..

Onion loaf!! This is the half size.

Marinated chicken grill .. RM28.90

Jangan tertipu dengan brokoli yang nampak cm layu itu.. Hakikatnya sgt lah sedap sbb disalut mentega (ke butter <--- sama kan?)

10 Oz. New York Strip : RM53.90

Beef. I'm not a big fan of beef but the mashed potato is yummy.

Grilled salmon topped with shrimp piccata .. RM42.90

Stated in the menu this is one of the new dishes. Again, I'm not a big fan of salmon. Tapi yg makan nyer ckp sedap. Harus la kan. Then, we ordered trio mini dessert, which are not that mini. Came in a rectangular tray. There were quite a few choices that you can pick. All in Rm19.90 (if I'm not mistaken).


Strawberry shortcake

Cookie. That cookie under the ice-cream sgt lah keras. I had no idea how it taste since I couldn't even take a bite of it.

Drinks!!! These 3 drinks are super nice. We ordered zesty apple, sweet cherry (this one mine.. very recommended) & miami breeze.

Thanks to the special person who treated us. Semoga dimurahkan rezeki selalu. In hope there will be a next time. Ngeeeee...

p/s - Alhamdullillah for the 'rezeki'.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Say NO to SALE!!

I would say 'puasa' or fasting could be implemented to a whole lot of different situation/things.

Just saying.. I'm in the middle of fasting towards


huhu.. Yeah I know.. it's pretty sad. Dalam usaha untuk men'zero'kan kad emas itu. Tak tau la cmna org lain yang beriban2 hutang itu. Hutang PTPTN pun ntah bila nak langsai.

Can't wait for fasting month. Dah terbayang murtabak ayam gemuk n nasi kerabu. Alamak semua tue kat Bangi. Kena pandai survey cni lak.

p/s - say no to SALE.. hahaa.... hypocrito daaa...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tappers for Lunch

Salam semua.. Skip jap entry pasal Jakarta ngan Bandung..

Another yummylicious entry about western food. Sangat sedap!! Ja (a friend of mine) and I went over to Bangsar Sphere during one of our lunches then decided to try something western-ish. Konon x nak makan nasi. It's been a while I had been eyeing Tappers then only decided to try. Haha. Tappers is located beside a "restaurant that served alcohol drinks <---- I don't know the name". Hujung sekali sebelah kiri from Little Penang and Bali Feel. Jangan drool okay..

Chicken Shnitzel .. Deep fried chicken with breadcrumbs served with coleslaw, chips and our very own special brown sauce. RM12.90

Fish & Chips.. Deep fried fish served with coleslaw and chips.. RM10.90

Honey lemon.. Harus minum!! Sangat sedap.. Not so sweet and yet it tastes super fine. Not sure kalau x ISO yer the drink.

Goo Leng Ping a.k.a syrup bandung.. Taste nice as well.

These are all under Tappers Set Lunch from 11 am - 2.30 pm. All set lunches are served with drinks. Ader la pilihan dier. These are purely my own opinion okay.. xder hasutan dari mana-mana pihak. Until today I've been craving that honey lemon sampai pi gerai tepi jalan pun nak honey lemon tapi xder. Huhu. The service was nice as well.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jakarta Jom!!

Salam to all bloggers who happened to drop by here..

Recently my family and some friends went to Jakarta and Bandung. Tickets were bought during the Air Asia sale like in November I think. Huh.. Semangat x semangat. But then, stuffs happened so I end up bought another ticket to Jakarta alone. (-.-) . Being me who was not so independent, redha dengan ketentuanNya.. Naik flight sorang2. Dengan Rp cash langsung xder in hand.. Uarghhhh..

Dalam cawan nie, teh tarik yer.. Tahap yummy : Zero .. Mungkin teh tarik org kaya minum. Tak ingat kedai yg mana, tapi yg corner lot.

Soekarno oh Soekarno

Hoyeah.. Ready to board.. Baca doa & mengucap dulu.. Kot2..... Muka sembab sebab tak cukup tdo.. Reason : Study bersungguh-sungguh untuk exam Induksi pagi tue.

Upon my arrival, my handphone couldn't roam. Panic!! Luckily, one Malaysian Chinese lady, helped me. She used her iPhone to call my mother and arranged on where I should wait. I was approached by a taxi driver (?) .. Not so sure who exactly he was. Dia siap tanya who do he need to call by using his hp. Me being a dumb asked him to call my mother. Panic dah hilang baru lah terfikir takut kena tipu. Then this Chinese lady (her nama is Melissa btw) came to the rescue. It was her 1st time being in Jakarta but lucky her the hotel's person picked her. Huhu. Nak ckp dia baik lagi nie. Siap bagi Rp 200,000. Woahhh.. Dapat wang free lagi. Org hotel tue pun baik. Sekali lagi offer nak bg guna hp. Then, remember that taxi guy? Dia ckp "Dah pakai kredit nie." or something like that. I straight away cakap, "Sy xdak duit." Then, tunggu lah diam2 sampai mama ngan papa sampai. Then, my mother called Melissa to inform her that she had picked me. See.. being peramah ader kelebihannyer.. Ngee.. My tegur Melissa b4 naik kapal terbang lagi.. sebab kitorg kan kelas ekonomi, naik kemudiannya. Then after landing in Jakarta, we went to pick our bags together since it was her 1st time as well.. I was lucky that she was there. THANK YOU!!

End of story for today. See you till next entry..

p/s - Lesson learnt. Next time, need to go to Maxis 1st then bring your passport and Rm300 along to activate roaming.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


My goodness!!!! The Eclipse was soooooooooo exciting.. It is probably the most romantic movie I have ever watched.. Haha. Yeah.. I'm way too obsessed with Edward Cullen. I went gaga over him throughout the movie. Unfortunately Jacob's abs didn't really bother me. Wooohooo.. I would prefer the guy who is slimmer and slender in his own way.

This part was the starter.

OK.. Tak yah nak story mory lebih lebih.. Nanti spoil ja.. So, don't forget to watch Eclipse yeah. This one would be much better than New Moon.

My favourite scene?

That one would be the proposal by Edward Cullen towards Bella while getting down on his knee.. Cair okaaaaayyy!! It took place before they went to the kill all the newborns.

"Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment of forever. Will you do the extraordinary favour to marry me honour of marrying me".. That 2nd sentence I don't really remember had been updated.. Definitely going to watch it for the 2nd & 3rd time. So, En. K.A x mau komen2 dah yer. I mmg obses ngan Edward. Haha..

p/s - Can't wait for Breaking Dawn!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Deutschland Didn't Make It

Officially I shall not be watching the World Cup final since Germany won't be playing.. -.- ..

Ok.. Here is another thing.. Just would like to share with you readers.. I was wondering, how do you react when someone ask you this question..

"How come you can speak well in English?"

I was questioned with that just now. So, being a modest (>.<) person, I answered, "Really? I'm not that good actually.. Just so and so." Is there "so and so" in English? Haha. And few questions about school and uni also.

bla.. bla.. bla... Here is the last part.

She : Did you come from KL?
My : Nope.. I came from Kedah. (Ya.. saya orang Kedah.)

Being modest again, I said this to her. "I'm not that good.. You speak English much better than I do." That ends the conversation. Tapi kadang terfikir, rupa My macam x boleh cakap BI ke? Tapi kita pk yang baik2 je. Kann...

p/s - Hereby, I have no other intention when I wrote this entry.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eclipse is approaching!!!

My goodness.. After reading Lady Verde's entry about Eclipse, I am sooooo thrill to watch Eclipse tomorrow. Lucky betul Lady Verde dapat tgk Eclipse earlier than us since she watched it at Melbourne. Huh. Takper takper.. tomorrow I dapat tgk puas2 my Edward. I was straining myself not to download it just to watch it at the big screen. Will be watching at The Gardens tomorrow night. Tickets were bought on Sunday. Semangat kan? Yup. Beli awal untuk dapat the best seat. So that xder orang kaki x cukup pendek nak tendang2 kerusi depan. Biadap sungguh olang macam ini. Enough with that. Hoyeahh.. So, is there anyone will be watching at the same place with me?

Eclipse!! Wait for me yeah..

Can't wait to watch the proposal by Edward towards Bella.. I dah khatam all the books ever since Twilight. Double semangat!!

p/s - Dear my other half, jangan lewat yer..

p/s/s - Yours truly will be watching it not once.. Hoho..

Monday, July 5, 2010

Waffle Wonder @ Haagen-Dazs

Location : Haagen-Dazs @ Midvalley

Menjelang suku abad baru la dapat merasa Haagen-Dazs.. phew.. It's been years I've always wanted to try the famous Haagen Dazs despite of the price which I think is way too expensive for ice-cream. Nevertheless, I tried as well.. My predict in the 1st place would be like "bila ais krim tue masuk mulut mesti akan sebut "Sedapnya!!!!" sebab rasanya yang sgtlah x dpt nak diperihalkan".. Woahh.. perihal itu. Tapi ais krim tetap ais krim.. Wafel tetap wafel..

Presenting.. Waffle Wonder .. Consists of vanilla, strawberry, chocolate & mango & passion fruit ice cream, delicious waffle, pancake syrup & chocolate sauce.

Strawberry ngan pisang yang tersembunyi. Kena makan sampai habis sebab it costs RM29.00.

Hoyeah.. another reaction yang tak dpt diperihalkan.. Thanks for the treat.. As usual lah kan. (>.<)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Waka Waka - World Cup 2010

It's the 4th week that we are in the mood of Waka Waka-World Cup 2010. Hoyeahh.. Just got the vibe since Germany won big last night against Argentina. Worth winning since Mueller won't be in for the next game. Frankly, I was quite a fan (not fanatic) of football when Beckham was in Manchester United. Now it is soccer for him. I simply couldn't resist to miss England game last time. Practically during those time, I only knew some of the players like Ferdinand (I remember him because of his hair b4.. braided I think), Gerrard and Owen (just to name a few). While for Germany.. hmm.. Ballack!! *of course ler kan.. Pity him could only watch from the seat this time. So, basically when I watch a game, anyone score I would cheer. No heart feeling at all yg sampai nak gaduh bagai (ader kan these kind of people). But then last night was a double bonus since Klose scored 2 goals perfectly. Oh yeah.. When a lady says she often watches football games and talk all the so up-to-date things about football, normally the men reaction would be "Ala.. korang tgk player dier jer.. Yang handsome je harus tgk".. Not all, I would say. Some of us really pay attention to the game. I may not be one of them since I only pay attention to the game I watched and I don't cover all the match. Btw, Messi was quite ineffective last night, wasn't he? Was it because the Germany guarded him too much?

Waka waka by Shakira has becoming a hit now.. Enjoy..

Here is where Shakira performs at the FIFA World Cup 2010 Kick Off..

The official video..

What a gorgeous body she has...

p/s - Betulkan kasut Tevez yang tercabut semalam?


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