Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mee Udang @ Mak Jah

Last Sunday, on our way back from Kedah to KL, En. K.A suggested to drop by at Kuala Sepetang, Taiping to eat the infamous Mee Udang. With 50% of info about the direction we took the Taiping exit, then after asking one of the local + Garmin's help since there was no sign of 'Kuala Sepetang', we managed to reach the place. It's very simple actually. Mmg senang pun. If you take the Taiping exit, you have to turn right at the traffic light, then straight again at the 2nd traffic light till you find Kuala Sepetang sign. Then you have to turn right. Easy right?. If you take Changkat Jering exit, you have to do the opposite way, except maybe you are going to turn left at second traffic light. Then after few minutes of drive, you will start seeing the 'Mee Udang' sign. We saw Mak Jah banner and that's the place we had our yummy food. You are going to meet Mak Teh, Pak Hashim etc on the way.

Prawn Fried Rice / Nasi Goreng Udang (Biasa) - RM7 (sangat murah!!).
There were 7 pcs of prawn in the rice. Being me, who doesn't eat the 'kulit udang', I have to take out all the 'kulit udang' first. After one, then another, tak habis2 jugak kupas udang tue. Banyak yg amat. *I kupas all 14 or 15 maybe for 2 dishes. En.K.A x kupas. Maybe some of you find this usual, but for me this is kinda unusual. RM7 with lots of prawn. I loikeeee.. En. K.A tak boleh makan udang banyak, so I dpt makan lebih!

Mee Udang yang famous itu. Famous ke? To be honest, I never heard about this before. It costs RM7 but if you opted for Mee Udang Special, it is RM 11. The same goes to the fried rice. That lady cakap udang dier besar. Tak tau la.


Liew said...

nasi goreng nampak sedap...tapi byk mahal!!

MY said...

tapi kan.. udang sampai 7 ketul.. besar pulak.. huhu.. macam satu udang rm1. puas makan!!

eddany said...

betol tu..sangat sedap mee udang tu..yummy..berbaloi2..nasi goreng tu cam menyelerakan!!nak kena try ni.

MY said...

wani : kena try yg amat la wani.. mmg sgt yummy.. ak nak curi nasi k.a pun x smpai ati.. haha.


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