Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Make-up Stay!!

For those who happened to read this entry, do take note that the final picture of me was altered already by yours truly. Except the eyes of course. In my case, I won't dare to do that look..Thus, it was not a 100% product of Fazila's (my friend) magic touch. ok..During the whole make up process, only one thing kept bugging me. She sprayed my face with this...

Fix + by MAC

... before applying make-up and after the make-up thingy.

Then, while blogwalking I found this make-up tips' blog by Suraya Anuar. Here is what she said about the spray spray thing..

" This spray moisturizes skin making the foundation looks even and would reform our make-up to the original state. Besides that it refreshes a tired face. It is also easy to be carried anywhere since it is contained in small spray cans or dainty bottles. You may also try the Fix+ (Fix Plus) spray from M.A.C. This spray is used by professional make-up artistes whenever they want to initiate make-up, as well as when the make-up is done to make the make-up last."

She suggested to have this (I think this is the one..since she spelled it Evian. It should be the same right..)

Avene Thermal Spring Water

I decided to give it a try. Nak beli MAC tahun depan lah kot. Boleh?So, I went over to buy this at Watsons (of course setelah pergi tgk dekat Guardian dulu).. This is one thing that I always do when I want to buy things from drugstore. I always compare prices between Watsons and Guardians when I wanted to buy things, even if it is just one small thing under one condition, if the 2 stores were under one roof. Guess what.. It saved me quite a lot. I am quite calculative when it comes to certain things. It ain't easy to earn money okay.

50 ml - RM15.20
150 ml - RM35.10

50 ml - RM18 / RM19
150 ml - RM 40?

or something like that.. There was no discount at Guardian for that. Lucky me, I bought 2 small bottles and 1 medium bottle. One for Mr. to use it before he goes to work and before he comes to pick me up. Motif? Hahaha.

p/s - For those who would like to see my friend's work, you can view her blog. Kalau ternampak muka yang dikenali itu, buat2 x tau ja. Oh ya.. Btw, she's going to France this weekend. Kot2 sempat nak pesan LV. Wooooot!!


ShazreeyanaShukri said...

hi maisara!i have both products, MAC fix+ and compare the two mist sprays, i actually prefer MAC fix+ for longer lasting does nothing to me in terms of refreshing my skin by applying it before or after makeup.and plus it has some fragrance in it so that's a minus to my liking.on the other hand,avene is better in the sense that it has no fragrance, and what it does is it refreshes your skin more than it fixes (or make your makeup lasts longer) your makeup..that's what i think of both products.. :)
all the best!
<3 ~yana~

MY said...


Best nya ada both of them.. Hmm.. Kalau ikutkan hati dan firasat, I was having a thought to buy MAC. But then, I was like why not try the cheaper version 1st. Of course the price difference would be the major thing to think. Maybe next time I'll try MAC. Haha.. Anyway, I just sprayed that Avene to my face today. Emm.. so far, nothing much. I have no idea how to justify it.

Thanks again!!

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

mai dear, i rasa kalau i xpakai fix+ pon makeup i stay sama i xpakai pon fix+.i pon sama mula2 i beli avene xde la dia buat makeup tahan ke apa.just bagi sejuk2 muka n maybe segar sikit.tu je i rasa..tapi sebab dah beli kadang2 i pakai je la..

i x pakai fix+ daily pon sebab i rasa makeup i xde la hilang pon.makin lama makin elok i je i rasa sbb ada natural oil after some bukan la excessive sampai berkilauan bak diamond.haaha..kalo teruk sangat amik blotting paper je..or paling2 pon tissue..i xde dok touch up sgt pon throughout the day.maybe it's bcoz of the powder i am using..u should try fix without spf is around rm 105..i prefer a powder without spf because the one with spf tends to make uf face appear white on camera flash..hihihi

MY said...

owh really ? (smbil tulis dekat note studio fix).. Yup. blotting paper tue mmg wajib ader in the bag.. Kalau tertinggal pun, tisu lak wajib x boleh tinggal.. kalau x kena pakai compact touch up.. Huhu..

Thanks.. will take note about that studio fix..

aLia said...

y guradian slalu mahai dr watson ha?
aku pon slalu terkena ni my...
my n yana...
u guys shud try dis..
kalo korg cuci muka kan pastu bilas ngn air ais...ala2 air sejuk yg kita minum tuh
then, sblm apply make up....
b4 pakai moisturizer kan...
korg bilas muka korg ngn air sejuk jugak....
after muka da kering leh la apply moisturizer n make up...
kesannya, makeup korg akn long last...
muka pon x shining2 ag dah
i jus t started dis...
n it works on me...
kalo dak,muka shinning tak hengat

MY said...

alia :

hmm..kena compare jugak. sometimes other stuffs murah lak kat guardian.. mcm innershine tue.. yg pack 24 ke 12 tue.. challenge radiant aper tah.. kat guardian lagi murah..

nak pakai air sejuk tue malas nak turun kat bawah.kena bukak fridge lak. Nak try ice cube pun aduyai.. pagi nak kena bgn awal bersiap lak satg.. muka shining tue mmg haih.. x dpt nak elak .. kena touch up slalu.. penat2..

Mila Anggong said...

satgi nak lari p watson...semalam g guardian juga cek depa ada tak spray tu..botol kecik ja tp rm19 smothing gitu la..huhuu..x pa,nak try watson plk...akhirnya aaiii terjebak juga dengan makeup finishing spray ni..LOLzzz...anyway...singgah aii pya belog k..tq dear..:-)


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