Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kenapa Mesti Senget?

Date : 12.06.2010
Occasion : A trip to Lun's kenduri

We had a mini trip (I called it a mini since it only took ~2h) to reach her place. We departed from KL at 1pm and I only noticed that the reception started at 11am-4pm. (-.-) .. So, by the time we arrived, we were sort of the last guest. Nasib pengantin x tukar baju pengantin lg. Orang lain dah balik pun. Didn't get the chance to catch up with others.

The eyes were so BOLD!! Well, at least to me. En.K.A ckp hitam. But I kinda like it. SO not me, but still it's a paradigm shift. Ader kaitan? My friend, Fazila, who is a makeup artist made it for me. Sadly the false eyelashes didn't survive. Sorry babe. Ganas kot. One thing that kept bugging me was the foundation since it's kinda quite thick for me. En. K.A pun duk rimas tgk muka tebal sgt, so I end up removing the foundation and applied my own foundation. I spared the eyes' part. Sayang!! Luckily my makeup remover did a very good job. Tak oily langsung. So, x yah bersusah payah nak cuci muka. Straight away je apply foundation.

Highly recommended!! It's almost finished. I was having a thought to buy a cheaper version but after what it did to me, I simply couldn't resist to buy the same version.

Memandangkan cermin tue x nak statik, kena la ada tangan yg tolong pegangkan.. Tolong-menolong itu penting. Tgk gambar nie baru perasan saiz tangan itewww.. Huhu

Soalan : Kenapa bila nak amik gambar cmnie jer mesti auto senget? Bukannya x masuk lensa.

Gambar pengantin? Next entry.. Still struggling with broadband speed. Exceed the limit I guess.


zzkang said... byk ganas....heheh

boleh crop sampai straight kalau gambar senget... :D

MY said...

haha... boleh eh? Tapi kan.. Mmg cmtu kan.. mesti jadi auto senget bila nak snap..especially camera kat tengah..

LuN said...

mai, kwn lun ckp gamba last mai n KA tu mai mcm wardina. O-o. hehe =)

MY said...

ngeee.. wardina lagi anggun kot..
Say thanks to your friend.. haha


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