Thursday, June 3, 2010

Benefit Sale!!

Woahhhh.. It's Benefit sale.. I told myself that I didn't want to go since they are pricey items, meaning to say after discount it won't be like RM20 each. Blurghh. But then after reading at Miu's blog regarding the price list and saw the brushes were sold at RM40, immediately I became speechless .. ala ala kena stroke jugak la. Adoi la.. The foundation brush that I bought (here) was retailed at RM95, while at this sale - RM40. Consoling myself, I said "dah beli pun".. Ok la kan. Tapi, still x ok, terus ler pergi Millenium itu during lunch time.

There.. I bought the bronzing brush & concealer brush. Each of them is RM40!!!! I thought it was kabuki brush. Nak sebut tapi malu.. takut silap. Or were they the same? Nvm. Being me yang x pandai sgt beli jugak, sebab boleh pakai untuk loose powder.. X pun pakai jer lah tuk aper2 powder nnt. So, ingat yer.. never buy brushes from the counter. (-.-)

Maybe tomorrow, they'll slash the price. Who knows..

For price list, you can check Miu's blog.


=MissRynn= said...

saya pun sangat suka ketika sale!

MY said...

kan... semua org mesti suka sale..
Time tue beli brg worth banyak.


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