Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Make-up Stay!!

For those who happened to read this entry, do take note that the final picture of me was altered already by yours truly. Except the eyes of course. In my case, I won't dare to do that look..Thus, it was not a 100% product of Fazila's (my friend) magic touch. ok..During the whole make up process, only one thing kept bugging me. She sprayed my face with this...

Fix + by MAC

... before applying make-up and after the make-up thingy.

Then, while blogwalking I found this make-up tips' blog by Suraya Anuar. Here is what she said about the spray spray thing..

" This spray moisturizes skin making the foundation looks even and would reform our make-up to the original state. Besides that it refreshes a tired face. It is also easy to be carried anywhere since it is contained in small spray cans or dainty bottles. You may also try the Fix+ (Fix Plus) spray from M.A.C. This spray is used by professional make-up artistes whenever they want to initiate make-up, as well as when the make-up is done to make the make-up last."

She suggested to have this (I think this is the one..since she spelled it Evian. It should be the same right..)

Avene Thermal Spring Water

I decided to give it a try. Nak beli MAC tahun depan lah kot. Boleh?So, I went over to buy this at Watsons (of course setelah pergi tgk dekat Guardian dulu).. This is one thing that I always do when I want to buy things from drugstore. I always compare prices between Watsons and Guardians when I wanted to buy things, even if it is just one small thing under one condition, if the 2 stores were under one roof. Guess what.. It saved me quite a lot. I am quite calculative when it comes to certain things. It ain't easy to earn money okay.

50 ml - RM15.20
150 ml - RM35.10

50 ml - RM18 / RM19
150 ml - RM 40?

or something like that.. There was no discount at Guardian for that. Lucky me, I bought 2 small bottles and 1 medium bottle. One for Mr. to use it before he goes to work and before he comes to pick me up. Motif? Hahaha.

p/s - For those who would like to see my friend's work, you can view her blog. Kalau ternampak muka yang dikenali itu, buat2 x tau ja. Oh ya.. Btw, she's going to France this weekend. Kot2 sempat nak pesan LV. Wooooot!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Salam semua.. I am back from my trip. It was a tiring but enjoyable trip.

Tak perlu ckp panjang, baca entri ini..

Dua Hala

Blogger nie rasanya memang dah famous.. Meaning to say readers dia mmg ramai.. I started reading her Misi 5 April 2009 blog. I don't know why, I just love this specific entry. Baca lah sampai abih. Klik yer.. Confirm tak rugi.

p/s - Motif? Lu pikir le sendiri.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stok Setahun..

You Rebel Lite.. I loikeee... Setahun kot x yah beli foundation dah. Hoyeahh..
Btw.. this You Rebel lite doesn't really give you a good coverage. More like a shear foundation.

Sharpener yer.. Yang nie pun nak ader nama.. Sharpener by Stage. Bought this at 30% discount. Tinggal RM 8.20 . Mmg terus amik.. Sharpener yang kat Sasa last time I bought pun berbelas $.

p/s- Selesai exam induksi... Alhamdullilah. Right now, I am on my way to Jakarta.. Please pray for my safety.. Moga selamat sampai.. InsyaAllah.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jalan-Jalan di Menara Condong @ Teluk Intan

Selesai sudah menjamu selera di kenduri Lun & Zaiman, En. K.A dan saya pun pergi berjalan-jalan.. Huhu.. We had no idea.. but then I was always having a thought to visit the historic building, Leaning Tower at Teluk Intan. Luckily, when we arrived there, the weather was just nice for us to have a 'jalan-jalan' session.

Demam World Cup!!

The sketch

Tangga yang sgt la sempit.. kena pastikan tak berlaku pertembungan.. sebab x muat.. Almaklumlah.. dah x kecik..

Giant bolt?

Suis lampu kah? I'm pretty sure about this.

Last but not least... (>.<)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Lun & Zaiman

As mentioned before...

The bride and groom was refilling the jug for us.. Huhu..

Lucky for us.. Dapat jugak snap photo dekat pelamin. Harus la kan.. All the efforts had been done for the one big day.

It was raining that day, and we decided to go 'jalan-jalan' before heading back. Sampai lah ke... *next entry...

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Me : Happy Father's Day..

Papa : tq

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kenapa Mesti Senget?

Date : 12.06.2010
Occasion : A trip to Lun's kenduri

We had a mini trip (I called it a mini since it only took ~2h) to reach her place. We departed from KL at 1pm and I only noticed that the reception started at 11am-4pm. (-.-) .. So, by the time we arrived, we were sort of the last guest. Nasib pengantin x tukar baju pengantin lg. Orang lain dah balik pun. Didn't get the chance to catch up with others.

The eyes were so BOLD!! Well, at least to me. En.K.A ckp hitam. But I kinda like it. SO not me, but still it's a paradigm shift. Ader kaitan? My friend, Fazila, who is a makeup artist made it for me. Sadly the false eyelashes didn't survive. Sorry babe. Ganas kot. One thing that kept bugging me was the foundation since it's kinda quite thick for me. En. K.A pun duk rimas tgk muka tebal sgt, so I end up removing the foundation and applied my own foundation. I spared the eyes' part. Sayang!! Luckily my makeup remover did a very good job. Tak oily langsung. So, x yah bersusah payah nak cuci muka. Straight away je apply foundation.

Highly recommended!! It's almost finished. I was having a thought to buy a cheaper version but after what it did to me, I simply couldn't resist to buy the same version.

Memandangkan cermin tue x nak statik, kena la ada tangan yg tolong pegangkan.. Tolong-menolong itu penting. Tgk gambar nie baru perasan saiz tangan itewww.. Huhu

Soalan : Kenapa bila nak amik gambar cmnie jer mesti auto senget? Bukannya x masuk lensa.

Gambar pengantin? Next entry.. Still struggling with broadband speed. Exceed the limit I guess.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jom Makan Strawberry Cream puff!!

This pic was taken at Cameron Highland..


p/s - Saya dah ok .. oleh itu sy padam. Huh.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Afzan & Azizul's Reception

These pics were taken at Afzan & Azizul's reception which was held at Dewan Perdana Felda,KL last Saturday (050610).

Love the dais.. Very the elegant.

Sibuk atas pelamin. Ada yang dah dekat 7 tahun x jumpa. Huhu

Ana.. Yup.. with her 'Peace' trademark as always.

Nurul & Shida.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Lebih Salah, Kurang pun Salah.. Camner?

Salam semua.. Korang mesti dah biasa dengar kan menda cmnie.. Ramai kan orang cmnie.. Yang x boleh kurang dari kita, nak ja lebih dari kita.. x pun kalau kita dpt kurang, dia laaaaagi nak kurang. Pening pening.. Aper la yang boleh dpt pun. Contoh ....

Situasi 1
Kita cakap kita makan sikit. Dia beriya bagai .. "Eh, ak makan lagi banyak dari ko makan td.. Nie ha. Ko tadi ak tgk makan sikit jer pun. Macam x luak sgt. Ak nie smpi dah nak penuh pinggan".


Situasi 2
A: Aritue ak jumpa satu kasut nie.. RM $. Murah kan. Dah la cantik yg amat.
B: Camtue ko kata murah? Aritue ak jumpa kat **** lagi murah. Banyak pilihan lg.

Situasi 2 boleh la nak diolah semula menggunakan kata lawan atau kesesuaian ayat.

Cukup lah tue kot.. Boleh la nak reka2 situasi yg lain.

p/s - 2 situasi di atas harus ler ada kaitan dengan yang hidup.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Benefit Sale!!

Woahhhh.. It's Benefit sale.. I told myself that I didn't want to go since they are pricey items, meaning to say after discount it won't be like RM20 each. Blurghh. But then after reading at Miu's blog regarding the price list and saw the brushes were sold at RM40, immediately I became speechless .. ala ala kena stroke jugak la. Adoi la.. The foundation brush that I bought (here) was retailed at RM95, while at this sale - RM40. Consoling myself, I said "dah beli pun".. Ok la kan. Tapi, still x ok, terus ler pergi Millenium itu during lunch time.

There.. I bought the bronzing brush & concealer brush. Each of them is RM40!!!! I thought it was kabuki brush. Nak sebut tapi malu.. takut silap. Or were they the same? Nvm. Being me yang x pandai sgt beli jugak, sebab boleh pakai untuk loose powder.. X pun pakai jer lah tuk aper2 powder nnt. So, ingat yer.. never buy brushes from the counter. (-.-)

Maybe tomorrow, they'll slash the price. Who knows..

For price list, you can check Miu's blog.

Mee Udang @ Mak Jah

Last Sunday, on our way back from Kedah to KL, En. K.A suggested to drop by at Kuala Sepetang, Taiping to eat the infamous Mee Udang. With 50% of info about the direction we took the Taiping exit, then after asking one of the local + Garmin's help since there was no sign of 'Kuala Sepetang', we managed to reach the place. It's very simple actually. Mmg senang pun. If you take the Taiping exit, you have to turn right at the traffic light, then straight again at the 2nd traffic light till you find Kuala Sepetang sign. Then you have to turn right. Easy right?. If you take Changkat Jering exit, you have to do the opposite way, except maybe you are going to turn left at second traffic light. Then after few minutes of drive, you will start seeing the 'Mee Udang' sign. We saw Mak Jah banner and that's the place we had our yummy food. You are going to meet Mak Teh, Pak Hashim etc on the way.

Prawn Fried Rice / Nasi Goreng Udang (Biasa) - RM7 (sangat murah!!).
There were 7 pcs of prawn in the rice. Being me, who doesn't eat the 'kulit udang', I have to take out all the 'kulit udang' first. After one, then another, tak habis2 jugak kupas udang tue. Banyak yg amat. *I kupas all 14 or 15 maybe for 2 dishes. En.K.A x kupas. Maybe some of you find this usual, but for me this is kinda unusual. RM7 with lots of prawn. I loikeeee.. En. K.A tak boleh makan udang banyak, so I dpt makan lebih!

Mee Udang yang famous itu. Famous ke? To be honest, I never heard about this before. It costs RM7 but if you opted for Mee Udang Special, it is RM 11. The same goes to the fried rice. That lady cakap udang dier besar. Tak tau la.


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