Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yummy Meatball @ IKEA

Okay.. mesti ada org ckp budak nie baru nak makan ke meatball IKEA yang sgt yummy itu.. (-.-) Takper. Yang penting budak nie dah makan!! Thanks to Huda sebab terima ajakan sy tuk makan Meatball itu.

At Ikea

Family tray
Family tray..

Chicken chop
Chicken chop

Last but not least.. presenting the famous Meatball!!!


Sangat yummy okay.. The sauce taste is so indescribable.. Sampai gambar amik penuh pinggan.. xder kurang2..

p/s - tonight will be watching Letters to Juliet at e@Curve.. Hopefully can grab a bite of meatball. Drooolllll!!!


crystalzerosix said...

nice menu...nampak berselera...actually xpernah try lagi meatball nih...:)

MY said...

to be honest in the 1st place, My mcm la.. cmnie jer ke .. mcm main cmpak2 letak je meatball ngan fries tue. From there I learned, Never judge a book via its presentation. Rasanya the key to its yummy is the sauce. My opinion jer lah. My pandai makan ja.

It's never too late though to try when you had a chance to come by over to KL.My pun umur 25 thn baru nak merasa..


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