Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wall Climbing @ Taman Cabaran, Putrajaya

Location : Taman Cabaran, Putrajaya.
Simply follow PICC direction then you'll see 'Taman Cabaran' signboard. You'll pass by Perkuburan Islam then turn right then you'll reach the destination on your left.

Everyone posed except CP?

defying gravity~~

yaa.. Tilam tersebut sgt best.. boleh lompat2 lagi..


crystalzerosix said...

nice pic n frame pun cantik...syok gak main panjat2 camnih..rasa nak try gak lah...xpernah sblm ni...

MY said...

hehe.. frame tue credit to you lah.. dpt idea kat ctu.. xper.. nnt dtg cni roger2.. kita boleh photoshoot kat ctu.. giteww...


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