Thursday, May 6, 2010

Saving The Environment with Reusable Shopping Bag

Tajuk cam semangat kan.. (^.^)v.. Go Green!!

I only noticed about "Saturday is a no plastic bag day" or something like that when I went to Jusco Midvalley yesterday for its JCard Day. My dear had told me before but then I didn't notice how serious it was till I saw that sign. Carrefour at Bangsar Sphere had been doing this since few months back. They had provided recycle boxes for shoppers to fill in stuffs into the boxes. At Isetan KLCC supermarket's counter does put a notice saying something like 'Do inform us if you do not want plastic bag'. Haiya.. Fail.. couldn't remember exactly. So, I had in mind to buy those reusable shopping bag which can be easily kept in my handbag. Then, I found Lil Cut it short, I bought Baggu in flower black. Just now, for the first time I used the bag like for real at Carrefour, Bangsar sphere. I always wonder like.. How am I going to take out the bag if the cashier had already put those stuffs in the plastic bag? Yeah I know.. It's stupid. Pergi jer lah kan.. kuar kan bag tue then cakap "takper dik.. x nak pakai plastik". Woahhh.. Ada cara? Haha.. So, since this particular C'four doesn't provide plastic bag at all, I took out the Baggu then put my stuffs in it. Berjaya akhirnya!! En. K.A pun ckp nanti beli yang design plain lak.. Malu kot ader bunga2.. Yer lah kan, haruslah dier yang carry bag tu.

It comes with a pouch

This is how it looks like when you open and fill things inside

p/s - I bought Baggu from Lil Caliph using normal delivery. It means no extra charges for delivery. Kedekut kan? Bukan.. Jimat yer.. My Baggu arrived safely after 2 or 3 days like that.

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