Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Blind Side (>.<)

Most of my friends suggested me to watch this movie. I had a hard time looking for this movie since it didn't get through Malaysia. Luckily my friend downloaded it for me. Thanks dude. There were like 3 parts which made my tears went down. Seriously, it taught us to be grateful with what we have instead of demanding to any nonsense stuffs.

One part which is :

Leigh Anne Touhy: [from trailer] Find some time to figure out another bedroom for you.
Michael Oher: This is mine?
Leigh Anne Touhy: Yes, sir.
Michael Oher: I never had one before.
Leigh Anne Touhy: What, a room to yourself?
Michael Oher: A bed.

I love S.J.. He's cute and talented I suppose. He nailed it and played the character well. Very cute especially when he likes all the attention that he's getting.

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