Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Benefit foundation brush

Salam to all..

I am sooo into Benefit at the moment. At first I was kinda having a thought to try MAC products. Nothing stick to mind though. Anything would be fine as long as they fit to my budget. I was looking for foundation brush (konon nak belajar apply make up secara berhemah). Estee Lauder's is RM135. Ouch.. Too much for me. So lalu-lalu tersinggah dekat Benefit at Sogo. So I was putting my gut to try their product (ya.. sy sgt segan nak try). Terus macam ala-ala makeover that lady buat my face. Cut it short, Benefit's foundation brush is RM95. I didn't buy since I wanted to search it online 1st. Tak jumpa!! Semlm g Gardens, terus lah beli.. My dear siap dengar nineteen!!! No dear.. It's RM95. It makes sense though if you think 19 for a brush. Even kalau my mum tau I spend RM95 for a brush I tak tau la dia nak ckp apa. It's all about quality, right? Tak setuju pun xper.


Miu suggested that I used brush cleanser from Shu Uemura. It costs ~RM58 (correct me if I'm wrong). However a cheaper alternative could be applied as well. How? By using mild and gentle soap. Pakai Johnson & Johnson pun boleh.


p/s - Mmg best pakai brush waktu apply foundation. Rather than using our fingers.

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