Saturday, April 17, 2010

Swimming is Healthy

17th April marked our last session of swimming lessons. My friends and I attended swimming lessons for RM250 (12 sessions) which was organised by Malaya University Sport's Centre. If any of UM students/staffs had been reading my blog, you would think twice if you want to join it . Here are some comments (my friends thought the same as well).

Classes started at 7pm-9pm on Tuesday & Friday.
*For those who performed Maghrib prayer normally would only enter the pool around 7.30 (it depends to the prayer's time). Some of us went into the pool first then only came out but then need to come in back again. There goes ~30 minutes of money.

The siren will be heard ~8.40 pm. That's a sign for swimmers to leave the pool.
* Do take note. The watch which was hung there was roughly 5-10 minutes earlier than our watch. oookkkaaaay.. I noticed that just after my friend told me about that. That makes sense. No wonder I arrived home around 9pm. My home to UM takes only 10-15 minutes drive.

Number of students were about 20. Well I think it is more than that.
* If you have been there, I am sure you know that some of girls are quite/very scared of water. You will keep hearing comments such as "I can't do it", "Why I keep sinking","I'm scared", "The water keeps entering my ears/nose/mouth" etc. It's normal though. Been there, done that. So, I would say the fraction of 1:20 is not relevant at all. When I joined a swimming lesson at UKM, the fraction was 1:5. How cool was that.

But still, for those who were eager to learn swimming I believe they would take whatever opportunity that had been provided.


crystalzerosix said...

blajar berenang ek...mantap tu...nanti bleh ajar sy plak hihihi...

MY said...

crystal : heiho.. takat nak lepas few metres jer lah kot.. satu pool UM tue belum cuba lagik..

crystalzerosix said...

bleh try tu...jgn krem dah hehe....

MY said...

haha.. nnt2 My try.. tapi macam x larat ja..


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