Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blogger Award

Rasa macam kena tag ja bila dpt award nie. Anyway, this award was given by Ms.Shafinaz last week. Just manage to do it this morning.

Here it goes.....

Thank & Link the person that gave you the award
Thanks a bunch to Shafinaz for awarding me this lovely award

Pass this on to 6 bloggers that you have recently discovered and think they are fantastic
Ms Graving Mind
Ms Daily Express
Ms Nurul Shari
Ms Putri Balqiss
Ms KuPunyaIdup
Ms Syarifah Nadiah

Contact bloggers & let them know they've won the award

State 7 things about yourself
- Saya sayang family saya & you know who you are.
- I love to shop.. It's inherited. (^.^)v
- I am soooo addicted to photography (Love to capture and be captured.. haruslah kan)
- I love food. *Saper nak ajak saya makan, sila message. Bukan suh sy belanja. I hate those kind of people.
- I would love to always go for a vacation. Balik rumah pun kira cuti lah kan.
- A daughter of Chinese + Malay. Saya bangga walaupun mata sy sepet.
- Tak suka org cakap tak serupa bikin (who doesn't?)

p/s - Weekend nie balik Kedah.. Yeahh!!!


LuN said...

salam mai.
sori br perasan psl award ni. da lame x cek blog, if masuk pon, slalu xley nk loading shout box, so x tau mai ada tgl shout. okeh, nnt lun buat.
tq nway! =)


MY said...

salam Lun..

haha..xper2. dah lama x buat kerja ala2 tag nie..


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