Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crocs Warehouse Sale @ Ikano

Crocs Warehouse Sale .. For details, click here..

update : I went to the sale on Friday (30th April 2010). Arrived at 11am and queued up for roughly 45 minutes since they closed it for a while due to the place was packed with people already. Not so much size 6 for ladies and 8 for men. I only managed to get a Prepair for my brother (size 9) at RM100 and girls' mary jane for me which is only RM35. They have lots of Prepair for men. The queue was quite horrible (I queued for nearly 1 hour to reach cashier counter) but all of the staffs were very helpful. Kudos to them.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh My Coach!!!

Need I say more?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tupai Tupai

Last Monday, we went to Tupai Tupai for dinner. I have no photos to show you since they were all dark.. Too dark. Handphone belum cukup canggih I presume. It was a nice place although to me the foods are quite pricey. Luckily the food were good enough. Besides ala carte, they do provide steamboat style which costs RM28 per pax excluding drinks.

We had Broccoli & black Mushroom and Lemon Chicken, which are RM15 each. Both are small size and it's enough for 2 persons' tummy. I had a coconut (whole) <-- that's how it is written in the menu. Total is RM43.00. Or was that a standard price for you?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Penat (>.<)

Morning semua!!!

Uwaa.... sgt penat.. nak update blog.. tapi x daya..

..Nak cita pasal makanan Tupai-Tupai yg agak mahal pada My..
..Kena marah dalam game volleyball .. Haha..
..Badminton My final petang nie.. InsyaAllah.
..Kursus Tekan-Tekan Cium-Cium..
..Audit bagai..

Tue jer kot (>.<)

p/s - Jemput sarapan.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

No Smoking

Align Center

Taken at Nando's restaurant..

Swimming is Healthy

17th April marked our last session of swimming lessons. My friends and I attended swimming lessons for RM250 (12 sessions) which was organised by Malaya University Sport's Centre. If any of UM students/staffs had been reading my blog, you would think twice if you want to join it . Here are some comments (my friends thought the same as well).

Classes started at 7pm-9pm on Tuesday & Friday.
*For those who performed Maghrib prayer normally would only enter the pool around 7.30 (it depends to the prayer's time). Some of us went into the pool first then only came out but then need to come in back again. There goes ~30 minutes of money.

The siren will be heard ~8.40 pm. That's a sign for swimmers to leave the pool.
* Do take note. The watch which was hung there was roughly 5-10 minutes earlier than our watch. oookkkaaaay.. I noticed that just after my friend told me about that. That makes sense. No wonder I arrived home around 9pm. My home to UM takes only 10-15 minutes drive.

Number of students were about 20. Well I think it is more than that.
* If you have been there, I am sure you know that some of girls are quite/very scared of water. You will keep hearing comments such as "I can't do it", "Why I keep sinking","I'm scared", "The water keeps entering my ears/nose/mouth" etc. It's normal though. Been there, done that. So, I would say the fraction of 1:20 is not relevant at all. When I joined a swimming lesson at UKM, the fraction was 1:5. How cool was that.

But still, for those who were eager to learn swimming I believe they would take whatever opportunity that had been provided.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do You Own One?

Have you ever experienced any of these situations before?

Situation 1

This happened way back ~3 years ago when I planned to buy a car. I just graduated, but still carrying the student title. I was paid ~RM1k by being a GRA (Graduate researcher assistant<-- is it?). I wanted a small car (pdnlah dengan my budget), and at that time I was really concerned about fuel consuming. I strictly did not want to be like those, who drive cars (tambah sedih kalau ehsan from ibu & bapa) but can only afford to fill in RM10 at one time. Back to the story, it was a very tough call to buy my lovely VIVA, which I am having now since everyone was like 'Kenapa amik VIVA.. amik la MYVI besar sket.. tambah berapa ja pun bulan2.. mcm petak lah..' and the list goes on.. OK. Some of the comments even came from car-less persons. Shut up sudey. And later when I found what car he drives (he bought one after a year), I couldn't stop saying Alhamdulillah... FYI, he did try once to borrow my car for a dating purpose despite my car is petak.. sigh. oopppssss.. sorry.. Whatever it is I am proud that on November 2009, I started paying my car loan 100% on my own. My mum dah x payah nak topup dah. Thanks to God for the 'rezeki' and my mother & father for the car down-payment. Huhu. They need to top up since they wanted a full spec VIVA. Btw, lucky me.

Situation 2

If you have been reading my blog for the past few months, I am pretty sure you had met my baby. I knew that Olympus wasn't one of the favourite brands for dslr camera. Berani kerat kuku most of you guys and girls who own dslr or perhaps baru terhegeh-hegeh nak beli ataupun berangan-angan nak beli dslr would say "I would prefer Nikon or maybe Canon". Personal choice here. Afterall, you are the one who is paying for it. Some of you, yes you, did say it is a waste that I bought a dslr branded Olympus. The question is, 'do you own one?' Again.. shut up sudey.. I have met soooooooo (ramai okey) many people who everytime saw my camera would say .. 'Naper beli Olympus'. Don't get me wrong, some of you, who asked me nicely in a very polite manner, I totally won't mind. There was one person, who asked me this "Naper x angkat D90?". Hangin tul ak. I simply couldn't afford to have D90 at the moment whilst I just started working . FYI, I may be brand conscious regarding my handbags, wallets, shoes, attire etc. But not this one. So, if you asked me that kind of question I don't have a photographer-expert-judgmental answer for you. Of course, sometimes I would ask as well. Eh.. tak.. When I first got my hand on Liew Olympus dslr, I never questioned anything. Maybe I had. Dah lupa. Sorry Liew if I got it wrong. Perhaps I was way too obsessed with dslr. It's not mine. So who am I to judge whatever thing that other person bought. These 'Yummy' & 'I Love Food' were when I got to borrow Liew's dslr. Pakai dslr pusing table sepuluh kali pun orang x tgk pelik kan. Konon macam expert padahal x pun. OK. Hopefully there won't be any judgmental or any arguments about my baby after this. Kalau ada pun, simpan dalam hati sebab nnt bila sy nak menjawab soalan anda adalah bergantung kepada cara anda tanya or kondem my baby.

p/s- So, if I am carrying a Coach bag after this, don't come and tell me.. Why didn't you buy a Cole Haan or MJ bag.. Tambah sket ja lagi.. Or Cole haan kan lagi murah. Before you asked that kind of question, you ask yourself first.. DO I OWN ONE? Sekian, terima kasih.

Yeah.. I'm kinda pissed off.. Jemput makan..

Flower Time

These are from my trip to Cameron Highland. We took soooo many photos but not all of them turned out good. Only few good pics (for my eyes) for me to post them here. Macam nie lah kan.. beginner yang teramat. (~.~)

p/s - Too bright I think.

Monday, April 12, 2010

What's the point of asking?

This is a conversation between a sister and her youngest brother.

Adik : Kak.. Esok rajin tak?
Kakak : Tak.
Adik : Kena rajin jugak. Call (bla..bla..) tanya nie tue nie tue nie..
Kakak : OK.. Kalau sempat sok akak call.

Moral of the story ?

If the youngest brother happen to read this entry, please take note.. Nothing serious. Just kidding.. X da motif pun.

p.s - My mum bought a packet of ****** (after listening to my story). Kat Tesco lagi dah perasan. Dalam hati duk agak mesti mama beli sebab tue.. Pity me.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Faizal tahir & Bunkface

I missed to watch their opening performance at ABPBH last Sunday. Thanks to Youtube, VideoKL and other uploaders, I get to catch up with their act. Such a good combination. Both are my favourite and I got to watch them together. (^.^)v


Blogger Award

Rasa macam kena tag ja bila dpt award nie. Anyway, this award was given by Ms.Shafinaz last week. Just manage to do it this morning.

Here it goes.....

Thank & Link the person that gave you the award
Thanks a bunch to Shafinaz for awarding me this lovely award

Pass this on to 6 bloggers that you have recently discovered and think they are fantastic
Ms Graving Mind
Ms Daily Express
Ms Nurul Shari
Ms Putri Balqiss
Ms KuPunyaIdup
Ms Syarifah Nadiah

Contact bloggers & let them know they've won the award

State 7 things about yourself
- Saya sayang family saya & you know who you are.
- I love to shop.. It's inherited. (^.^)v
- I am soooo addicted to photography (Love to capture and be captured.. haruslah kan)
- I love food. *Saper nak ajak saya makan, sila message. Bukan suh sy belanja. I hate those kind of people.
- I would love to always go for a vacation. Balik rumah pun kira cuti lah kan.
- A daughter of Chinese + Malay. Saya bangga walaupun mata sy sepet.
- Tak suka org cakap tak serupa bikin (who doesn't?)

p/s - Weekend nie balik Kedah.. Yeahh!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010



Suatu pembelian yang dijangka setahun pun x akan habis.. Berbaloi-baloi..

p/s - This perfume comes with a pink fabric case . Never found one like that before. I knew I'm kinda outdated.. Huhu


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