Sunday, March 28, 2010

With Airy from Biotherm at KLIA

On Saturday morning (27th March) Huda and I went to KLIA to send my brother. We woke up really early (for me) 5.30 am and prayed Subuh prayer at UKM mosque. There were only 2 of us ladies in the mosque. Huhu.. My 1st time though Subuh there. We arrived at KLIA roughly at 7.15 am. Checked in then we had breakfast at Food Garden. Then, bye bye..

Okay.. my shopping spree time!!! Just in time (gaji baru masuk.. MySpace) My 1st stop was Tie Rack store. Frust!! Design x cantik walaupun harga sgt murah. Rasanya dlm RM39 kot after discount. Yeah.. Maybe that's why it is discounted. Next my usual stop was Perfume n Cosmetics shop which is located at Level 5 (Departure Hall).. depan tie rack sj. I always pay a visit here, surveying all the prices. This time I went to check Biotherm and Lancome. Been eyeing to change my skin care from dry skin to White detox since I am getting tanner (woohooo.. x nak ngaku makin gelap). It is quite expensive for white detox skincare range so I had been thinking to buy one by one (sikit2 lama jadi bukit). We were sooo lucky to have Airy (sorry if I spelled her name wrongly) there as our beauty advisor. Such a cute lady. Seyes x caya bila dia ckp dah ada 2 org anak. She's only 26 years old. Only a year older than us. AND she looks like younger than us (from our eyes lah yer.. satg ader lak yg pergi jumpa ckp .. 'lah.. diorg nie rabun ke'.. Haha.. x memasal lak). We spent there like 1 hour and normally if I had that kind of long chat meaning I like the way she treated me. PR yang bagus.

The price is not much different from other store. Just now I went to buy eye care at Jusco the price is RM155 (at KLIA : RM145). Different lady but still ok. I know I know.. tambah tolak minyak ngan tol pun beli kt KL untung lagik. Yup. Tapi ari tue kan dah pergi, so rasa wugi sedikit. My bro lak balik nnt dengan Air Asia lak. Haih. I didn't buy the eye care. Tomorrow I am going to fetch my bro at LCCT. I'm thinking of going to KLIA as well.. Heiho!!! In hope Airy will be on duty that time. Rugi x amik no contact hari tue. She claimed starting April the price would be the same with other store. Adoi.

Huda stuffs and mine. Lots of free samples !!

p/s - Dah balik baru terfikir naper x amik gambar ngan Airy td. Huhu..

p/s/s - My blog has turned into like 'throwing tantrum' place. (~.~)

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