Friday, March 12, 2010

Matta Fair & Wedding Fair @ PWTC


Matta Fair will be held on 12.03 - 14.03.2010 at PWTC.. It starts today.

Venue : Tun Razak Hall 1, 2, 3 & Pelantaran Putra
Organiser : MATTA Sdn Bhd

This one also caught my eyes.. I found about the wedding fair in Metro newspapers. As I am going to the Matta Fair, I may as well drop by here. Might as well find some good stuffs. Fingers crossed.

Venue : Tun Razak Hall 4
Organiser : Urban Vibe Sdn Bhd


Last but not least, a Fotofest will also be held at PWTC on the same weekend. I am not so sure what they have there.

Fotofest 2010

Venue : Tun Dr Ismail Hall B
Organiser : Fotokem


LuN said...

Mai, it shud be 12/03 - 14/03. not 12/10. huhu typo

MY said...

haha... thanks lun.. dah wat correction..

=MissRynn= said...

sgt syiok.. mcm nak pegi 2-2.. hopefully dpt g..:D

MY said...

yup.. under one roof.. mcm menarik..


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