Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kasut baru!!


My new shoes!!!! I bought this pair of shoes at Isetan, The Gardens. What am I going to share with ya is that the helpful lady asked me whether I wanted to try the shoes with a pad (some sort of like cushion) to be put down at your feet since I wore it like 'x cukup kaki'. It does help to tighten the shoes with my feet a bit but then it was too tight. Ok ok. At last, I beli jugak since that shoes sangat lah comfy. Then, the lady tanya nak ke yg pad cushion tue. I tanya free ke? Dia ckp yer. Then, I tny lah ok kan kalau nak pakai dengan cushion yg lekat dekat belakang kasut tue. Dia ckp ok jugak. At last yg tue pun dpt free. Jimat RM6.90. Alhamdulillah. Tapi bukan la brand Wool Woly tue. Dia bg ngan plastik kosong ja. Tapi OK la kan. Tak nah lak tau kata menda tu boleh dapat.

Thanks sis!!

Oh ya.. Not to forget. Zillion thanks to En. K.A!!

p/s- Moga-moga sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki ... Amin..


=MissRynn= said...

waah..cantiknya kasut!!

MY said...


nuox04 said...

thanks to Mr.KA :)

MY said...

oh ya.. jap jap nak update.. hehe..

Harus la thanks to Mr. KA..


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