Monday, March 22, 2010

Hot Air Balloon

Putraja Hot Air Balloon


These pics was taken in the afternoon since most of the pics that I took in the morning were bad (dull). No cloud in the morning. Agak mendung jugak. So, the background looks 'empty' till I ran out of idea how to take the photos. Sangat frust. Nak marah kamera pun ada padahal sendiri pun duk belajar lagi. The sun came out quite late.


red n blue balloon

pink balloon 2

..The other activities..


Ready... Go!!! These guys pushed the ball all the way through..
I couldn't imagine if I rode this ball thing..

water ball

Water ball

p/s - Next will update about these pets that we stumbled upon during 'jalan-jalan' at the park.


crystalzerosix said...

wah nice shoot ah..rugi xpegi festival nih...

MY said...

serius? huhu.. tgk ur pictures rasa my pics nie mcm xder la semangat sgt.. huhu.. I am totally a rookie..
btw.. sy g last day (Ahad).. belon yg cantik dah xda pun.. tinggal few yg nie ja. xper2.. we'll wait for next time. InsyaAllah..

btw.. Thanks for dropping by to my humble blog..

crystalzerosix said...

jgn pon stil blaja lagi camne nak handle dslr ni...setting tu yg penting...xper My..anytime jer kalau nak tanya,sama2 blaja...

dah tengok beberapa minggu iklan festival ni..busy keje...xleh nak pegi..hrp2 ada lg thn depan...

MY said...

thnk you.. insyaAllah dpt ilmu sket nnt sure ada byk nak tanya.. huhu..

Hopefully ada lagik event cmnie.. Maybe next year we shall get to see this event again.. By that time, kena pergi hari awal.. baru banyak belon


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