Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blind Man

This morning while I was on my way to work, as usual I'll past by the Brickfield's police station and the 'Little India'. While waiting for the road clearer so that I can turn to the left junction, I saw this one blind man was standing still beside the road. As I passed by, I saw him was holding the TAXI card. And I did notice one taxi was quite hesitate whether to pick him up or not. Sadly the taxi driver drove away. But then maybe it was because the road was quite congested this morning and the taxi was outreached from the man. I don't dare to complain about others since me, myself didn't or couldn't make a stop for him. And yeah I can say that I need to rush so that I won't be late for my work that we need to clock in by 8.30 am everyday. It was my 1st time witnessing that kind of situation. That whole incident reminded me of one TV programme. I think it was Jong-Jong Inai or something which was aired on Tuesday morning. The show was about all the childrens (primary school mostly) performed their debates or like story telling and some did recite surah (prayer). It is basically a programme full with Islamic content. And there came a boy. The host announced that this boy was special in his own way, meaning he sees things different from us. And yes.. the special boy is blind. He went on stage calmly and he started his performance. He didn't wear any glasses to cover his eyes (like I always see). I was really touched and seriously I didn't watch his performance till the end. I almost cried. Haih.. I was at the dental and I couldn't afford to cry. Each audiences watch him like really paying 101% attention towards him. I believe his parents must be really proud of him.

I still couldn't keep my mind of them. It makes me feel how grateful I am.. how lucky I am.. how my physical problem is nothing as compared to these people. When I was little, people always mistakenly thought that I was a Chinese girl due to my 'mata sepet'. I seriously did not like those people who like to call me 'amoi'. I do remember this one teacher who taught me Music at primary school. He used to call me that. During those time, I always tried to escape from his classes. Now, those days were gone. I am proud the way I am. It's not easy for my parents to fall in love and get married in a mix culture. Pheww.. At least I get my mother's skin colour. Haha..

p/s - Quite relieved. phewwwwwwwww....


LuN said...

how grateful we are..

MY said...

indeed.... mmg sgt bersyukur..


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