Monday, March 1, 2010

The Awesomest Jet Ski-ing !!

OK.. Now my turn for the jet ski ride. I opted for a solo ride (one guy will come along and guide), since I knew if I rode alone I won't be able to ride at the max speed and to manoeuvre it skillfully (based on the observation of the previous people who went to jet ski alone). The single ride costs RM15 but the satisfaction I guarantee you, it was extremely awesome!!

Pose wajib sebelum tudung saya terple-ot..

That guy told me not to let go the press button immediately or not we would be thrown away flying from the jet ski.

Safe!!! It was extremely fun!!!!! Throughout the ride, we passed through the wave at the max speed. Sometimes, it felt like I was going to fell of from the jet ski thus it makes me hold the jet ski handle really tight. I meant it.. Real tight.. Worth the experience. It's been like a decade I had been dying to try this. I could feel the adrenaline rush was pumping like nuts. When it was over, I was relieved that I am still alive.. Haha.. I kept screaming though.

I told myself, there will be next time!! We'll try at somewhere else.

See... Haha.. Senyum sampai x sempat nak cover gigi besi dah.. Mata sepet saya pun bertambah-tambah sepet. Excited sungguh.

My brother's turn.

Ni selepas sudah disuruh dan dihasut supaya cuba menaiki jet ski tersebut. Tue pun dah berendam dekat setengah jam dan dah nak balik, then only he decided to try. Note the smile before and after (same like mine)..

Sebelum : senyum biasa-biasa ja..

Selepas : Senyum luar biasa.. bukan senyum 'control' untuk tangkap gambar dah..



wTc said...

Hang tau x, ada org slalu bg mkn kat burung hornbill tu, sbb tu burung tu banyak. Aku x smpt jet ski, bkn x smpt, tpi malaih nak perabeh duit, sat sgt, member aku xnak join, aku pon malaih ar, huhu!

MY said...

la.. ya ka.. mana la saya nak tau..
ala yang jet ski tue ak naik yg RM15 .. RM70 x sanggup sat..
haih.. next time ja baru naik yg sendiri. next time try aa naik.. mmg menarik.. serius best..


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