Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alice In Wonderland.... ????

Watched this 3D movie this late afternoon at Midvalley. My point of view - If you had to miss this movie for another thing, do whatever the other thing first. I would say it is not a must watch movie at all although all the acting, sets etc were nicely done.

p/s - Luckily I didn't watch it at the Signature.


LuN said...

review laen pon ckp yg same? y eh u x rekomen? x tgk lg ni, n x plan pon nk tgk sbb rmai org ckp xbest. hehe

MY said...

hmm... member tgk pun ckp x best.. xda la sampai tahap x rekomen.. it's a good movie to watch but not enjoyable enough.. maybe nak adapt from the book x menjadi sgt..

=MissRynn= said...

sangat sokong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MY said...

haha.. pengalaman org yg dah menonton..

Sherry said...

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