Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yummy Risole

It is so YUMMY~~~~ The risole of course. After googled I found that this risole is from Indonesia (is it true?) . We at the Geology department ordered this yummy snack via En.Sahlan because I was told that the person (who prepared the Risole I presume) didn't take orders in a small quantity. It was my first time to know the existence of this particular snack. Never too late though.

p/s - I found this link on how to make the risole.


biha said...

ye kot mai..dr indon..sedap gilaa mkn kat kedutaan indonesia mgu lps =D

MY said...

sedap kan .. hehe.. tapi cepat kenyang makan.. x leh nak makan bnyk.. oh ya.. kita x pandai buat la.. huhu..


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