Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day preview

The Valentine's Day was super sweeeeeeet.. My ride alone to the Cineleisure was definitely worth it. Got lost a bit though. Finally when panic starts to build in me thank goodness I had my Garmin. When I arrived there around 8pm, the Mix FM was having a function about Valentine's Day? About relationship or something I'm not so sure at the e@Curve. They had Ferhad as the invited guests.

Ok. Back to the movie. When I got up at the Cineleisure people had started queuing. I was the 10th in the row (think so). What makes it yummier, I got the best sit. Center of the center. Awesome!! I'm going to use the pictures since there were so many characters in it. Do click for a larger image.

The movie started with Ashton (Reed) proposed to Jessica Alba (Morley) and she said "Yes". It was on Valentine's Day after all.

Topher Grace (Jason) & Anne Hathaway (Liz) in the 'zoo'. Liz works as an adult phone entertainer. Do catch out her doing all that. It was really funny.

Patrick Dempsey & Jennifer Garner.. He was a jerk in this movie where he is already married and kept it a secret from Garner.

George Lopez (Alphonso) works with Ashton (Reed) at the Siena bouquet. They are the florist.

Hector Elizondo (Edgar) Shirley Maclaine (Estelle) woke up on Valentine's Day switching gifts. How sweet is that..

Bradley Cooper (Holden) & Julia Roberts (Captain Kate Hazeltine) met on the plane. Julia was having a day off to go back to meet her son.. OOpsss.. Cooper was so kind and charming in it. Very the gentleman.

Jessica Biel (Kara) & Jamie Foxx (Kelvin) became an item at the finale. Woohoooo.. They were singing the 'I will survive' at the 'I Hate Valentine' party which was organised by Kara.

Aaawww!! Sexy? Haha. Eric Dane (Sean Jackson) was a footballer and finally he made a confession that he was gay. 'I am gay and I am not going to stop playing', he said at a press conference.

Carter Jenkins (Alex) & Emma Roberts (Grace) were discussing about 'something'. You will know if you watch it. you will catch Alex naked (half naked probably, covered with the guitar). Serious that part was kinda hilarious.

Queen Latifah (Paula Thomas) - Liz's boss. You should wait till the end of the movie. There was one part when she was talking with Vladimir on the phone, she made us laughing out loud. Bryce Robinson (Edison)-He was trying so hard to give his teacher on the V-day.

I really like this part!! The scene took part at the 'I Hate Valentine' party. She did the 'heart surgery'.

Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner - weird couple. It was funny watching them. Jen & Ashton - became an item at last. 'I married my best friend', said George Lopez.

Synopsis :

February 14th, Valentines Day, is not a national holiday, but it is one of those days that must be celebrated. There are "special someones" in your life who expect to receive romantic gifts from their lovers. Commercialism has put a tremendous amount of pressure on men to give their lovers a romantic day with all the trimmings. Women are under pressure to have a man, or they feel desperate and unloved. Valentines Day follows the lives of several couples during this day. Their stories are told through the interconnections they have with each other. Some will find romance in their relationship, and others will feel the heartbreak of ending a relationship. In this Russian roulette world of finding love, everyone in the film is asking for advice on how to find and keep true love. (source)


LuN said...

perfect review of a perfect movie.
ya, must watch! *x sabar*

MY said...

a cute movie.. tgk pun relax ja.

theQueen said...

one part me and the whole cinema jerit paling kuat was when that sexy footballer is gay for real. sumpah tak rela. dua2 hensemmmmm kot!

MY said...

haha... mmg pun.. totally sexy lak tue. adoi la.. wugi wugi..


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