Sunday, February 28, 2010

2nd Day @ Pangkor Island

It was the 1st day of CNY but our 2nd day at Pangkor Island. We started the day with nasi lemak that my parents bought for us. The three musketeers were so lazy to get out from the bed. Then lunch with Teluk Nipah fried rice (picture below). It costs RM8.90 (around that). So expensive.. Haiyaaa.... Tapi sebab dah duduk dan malas untuk bangun semula, terus pesan lalu makan jugak. Alhamdulillah, luckily it was yummy. No comments were heard.. Haha

In the afternoon we went 'jalan-jalan' at the beach (where else?).. Then figuring out what to do. My brother wanted to go for a 2nd round of snorkeling. We, on the other hand wanted to try the jet ski.

* Abg nie saja ja perangat suh naik jet ski terebut

After observing the jet ski-ing thingy, my youngest brother decided to go on a 20 minutes ride, which cost RM70 (before discount). We got discount fortunately. Yeahh.. I love discount.

So, he went with my father. They were listening attentively to the instructions.

And..... Here they go........


The arrival.. Muka tak berapa excited kan.. Haha.. Later I'll explain in the next post..

.. Will be continued ..

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